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Merry Christmas, one and all!


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From down in the deep southern parts of Africa comes a special Christmas wish from your Captain. I do hope, regardless of your beliefs, that at this time you will be abundantly blessed and that you will all experience the joy of inner peace. 


It’s been a topsy turvy year for me, however as time washes out the remains of another decade I am truly grateful to still be here at the helm of Fotozones and to see that the effort put into making this community possible is always worthwhile. We see amazing images presented from members all over our planet, ideas shared and friendships made. Isn’t that amazing? 


The next decade for Fotozones will be an interesting one as I plan on forming a photographic travel company around the brand. At the moment I’m still doing small stuff as far as travel goes, but next year I will ramp it up and that means throwing off the small approach in favour of something that will need it’s own legal entity. I will be exploring many different travel opportunities for photographers, following the same “non-workshop” model I have been doing for the past 10 years, so expect to see some interesting things come your way. More about all that in 2020. 


For now bundle up and stoke the fireplace if you are in the cold North, or if you’re in the South like me, get the BBQ ready and keep the cold ones handy. :) 


Merry Christmas everybody! 

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Mike Gorman


Nikon Z7 - Nikkor Z 14-30, 24-70, 35, 50, 85, FTZ adapter 

GX8 - Panasonic 20, 25

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Alan, you are right and it has finished already in New Zealand (GMT +1200) and the Chatham Islands (GMT+1230)!


May everyone in the FZ ecosphere have a safe and pleasant festive season and a splendid year ahead in 2020.

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I wish you all good health and happiness! And many good pictures for the coming year!

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Nikon / Zeiss

"You are not a loser when you're defeated.
You are a loser when you quit".
(Dr. House)

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