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Lightroom 9.0

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My woes with Adobe's servers continue. It took hours and hours to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom Classic using their desktop app. I had to let it run overnight. I am certain that this is not normal and certainly not something that has anything to do with my computer setup. I have no issues with download speeds on any other services, except occasionally for YouTube. I normally get download speeds between 20-30Mbps using an LTE-A service I have had for a couple of years. Weird. I am now also convinced that this slow server connection is the reason it sometimes takes several minutes for me to open Lr. 


Anyway, there are a few new features that are interesting to me. 


Multi Batch Export is a feature that lets you export your images in a variety of ways at the same time using presets. For instance, I often supply clients with two different resolutions of images, one for the web and the other for print. I used to have to run these presets consecutively, but now I can do them simultaneously, which is great. It will save me some time. Another good thing about this feature is that I can use it to upload both web res watermarked and plain high res versions to Flickr for storage. The unwatermarked ones I keep private, but the web ones I make public. 


Another welcome change is the ability to Clear History Above A Certain Step. Often I'll want to go back to a point of an edit and work on from there without carrying what I have done after that point in the catalog. Being able to clear this without having to undo step-by-step is nice. 


Fill Edges Of Panorama. This is something I will probably try out when I am on holiday in Cape Town in a couple of weeks time. Apparently Lightroom will now use Content Aware to fill those white spaces you usually see when you are creating a panorama from multiple shots.



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