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Denial of Service Attack


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Folks, unfortunately my service provider is apparently under another DDoS attack. This has been ongoing for the past few weeks here in South Africa and has affected most tech firms as well as many of the banks. 


The ISP is working to mitigate the attack so please bear with me as we try to weather this storm. 

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Perhaps these arsehole will stop their silliness soon!

Mike Gorman


Nikon Z7 - Nikkor Z 14-30, 24-70, 35, 50, 85, FTZ adapter 

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Some feedback from the service provider regarding yesterday's server issues - they say that there wasn't a DDoS attack, but rather just a server load issue. They have apologised for that so I must also apologise from my side. 


I know that several of you are saying that the site has been very slow to load for a while, which is something I really don't understand. It shouldn't be the case because the server we are using is pretty powerful and only uses SSD drives, plus it has a lot of memory and CPU cores available. Anyway, I am beginning a feasibility study looking at the possibility of getting the community hosted in the Invision Cloud, which while pricy does have some added benefits in that they will take care of everything. I have asked them some questions regarding our somewhat large storage needs and am waiting for feedback from them on that aspect. FZ is closing in on 50GB of disk space usage which puts a massive overhead on the hosting requirements. 


I will report back soon on what the options are going forward as far as hosting is concerned. 

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