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Mentors: Planning & Shooting A Portrait Project

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Every now and then I come across some truly awesome YouTube creators. This morning I was searching through YT for some info on accessories for the Godox AD200 which I recently bought. This chap Sean Tucker popped up and I immediately connected with his voice - it sounded like he was from where I am, maybe some time ago - us South Africans can pick up inflections in our accents almost immediately, even when we've been living somewhere else for a long time (except for Charlize Theron who is unfortunately 100% inauthentic when she speaks). 


Anyway, I watched his video about the Godox AD200 system that he has also adopted and then I watched another, somewhat longer one, which I am sharing with you here. I found his approach totally refreshing and what he has to say about the process of making portraits for your own portfolio is really very valuable. Great video, I hope you enjoy it. 



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