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Flinders & Swanston

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Following on from my earlier historic Melbourne post, a few blocks further east, another interesting corner.



FS0 4 Swanston Street looking north.




Most people shoot this corner looking towards the station in the southwestern corner of the intersection, but I think this direction is quite an interesting choice.  Another interesting thing is that both of Melbourne's cathedrals were completed without spires, which were later added in the 1920's or '30's.  Looking back at the picture Alan posted that started this idea in this thread, the tall towers/spires are Town Hall (left of centre), Scots Church (tallest, in centre) and St Michael's Uniting Church (second tallest, slightly right of centre).  I'm not sure about the other 3-4 towers visible in that shot, but they don't seem to be current churches.



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    • By crowecg
      Another one of the Old Melbourne Series.  This is the original from the State Library collection, dated around 1858.  You can just make out the water fall that was the reason for Melbourne's location - fresh water above the falls and access to the bay and onto the ocean below the fall.  A little time later some one had the cleaver idea of dynamiting the falls so they could get boats further up river, but so could the salt water from the bay.  By 1890, the construction of Queens Bridge restricted the height of vessels travelling any further upriver.

      The new shot...

      New Yarra 
      Probably a little too far to the left from the original, but there is now a flower bed, flagpole and railway viaduct that make creating a good copy difficult.
    • By crowecg
      Rather than look at the night-time city scape from a distance, this time I'm right in it...


      Cathedral - this was the one mentioned in the early cityscape thread, but much closer.
      Fuji X-E3, 27 f/2.8
    • By crowecg
      I've waited months to get this shot - there is a 3-4 week period twice a year when things line up!  Same spot up on Studley Park Road that I have used previously.  I was hoping desperately that the cloud didn't thicken as I drove over.

      I might post a few more once I get through reviewing them.
    • By crowecg
      Whilst scouting out the barracks (see here if you are wondering why), I thought I'd better get some other photos too, so as not to look too suspicious.😎

      This is Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance.  For all the tall buildings visible from here, planning restrictions prevent towers from as much as casting a shadow across this view.

      And closer.  Then turning around ....


      Shot with Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8 or 55-200.
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