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    • By crowecg
      Whilst scouting out the barracks (see here if you are wondering why), I thought I'd better get some other photos too, so as not to look too suspicious.ūüėé

      This is Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance.  For all the tall buildings visible from here, planning restrictions prevent towers from as much as casting a shadow across this view.

      And closer.  Then turning around ....


      Shot with Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8 or 55-200.
    • By crowecg
      Having failed to capture some decent sunset pictures the other evening (as noted in the later entries to this post), I decided to go for sunrise instead.


      OK, I cheated a little bit - the white balance is set to 'daylight fluorescent', which makes it even more golden looking.
    • By crowecg
      Following Alan's challenge to recreate a historic view of Melbourne, I started searching the State Library's online photo archive to find a slightly easier one than blagging my way onto the roof of Victoria Barracks.  This one caught my eye, as I walk through this scene each day when I walk back to the station from my office.

      The library catalogue suggests a date of 1870-1880 and looking at the smoke from the chimney of the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, there must have been a fair breeze blowing that day.  Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite so easy.  Whilst I reckon I could find the spot where the photo was taken from, the current view isn't quite as attractive....

      I did try a shot from in the other side of the bridge, but didn't have a wide enough lens and have had to put together a bit of a panorama instead.

      But then a bit more library searching came up with this image...

      This is probably right in the middle of the intersection, but nearer in terms of angle to what I can access today.  The library catalogue dates this between 1910 and 1914.  The tram route now comes straight along out of the picture, but if I keep an eye on the traffic lights and take the wider lens with me, I might just get something close to this second image.
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