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Michael Erlewine

Nikon Z7 with TechArt TZR-01 Adapter and APO Lenses

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I wanted to compare a group of high-quality APO lenses as used on the Nikon Z7 Camera with the new Voigtlander 65mm and Voigtlander 110mm APO lenses.


I shot both single shot photos at f/8 and stacked images as well, but am only showing here the single-shot images at f/8 since stacked images involve too much color changes, etc. to put folks here through. The stacked images also look good too, but take special color handling.



The lenses are:


Voigtlander 65mm APO-Lanthar f/2.0

Voigtlander 110mm APO-Lanthar f/2.5


And on the FTZ or Cambo Actus Mini:


Nikkor “O” CRT f/1.2

Printing Nikkor 95mm APO f/2.8

Lecia 100mm Elmarit-R f/2.8

Voigtlander 125mm APO-Lanthar f/2.5

Schneider Macro-Varon 85mm f/4.5

El Nikkor APO 105mm f/5.6


The Coneflower was photographed in similar natural light. No sharpening, color crunching, or retouching was done on the images.


These are just as they came out of the Nikon Z7, with enough Levels to make them all about equal in light distribution.


What have I learned from this:


I have learned that all of these lenses, including the new Voigtlanders look pretty good. I did note that perhaps the early bellows lenses (APO El Nikor 105 and the Schneider Macro-Varon APO 85mm) are not as up-to-date as to color as some of the other lenses. You be the judge and tell me.


This may or may not be useful. It was helpful to me.



-_Z7D0626-CRT-F-8 (2).jpg






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