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Last week I was on holiday in Ohrid, North-Macedonia. A beautiful country with great photo opportunities.
I took my X100 (first version), WCL 28mm converter and five batteries (no charger).
All images shot in Astia Jpeg / DR200 and post processed in Lightroom.

Ohrid is a very nice town with a historic city centre which is Unesco world heritage.
Lake Ohrid is fed from lake Prespa on a 200m higher level. The water is filtered by the rocky mountains and as a result the water in Lake Ohrid is very clear and cold.






The boulevard along the lake is the place to have a drink at a bar, play cards with friends after a swim in the lake, train a traditional dance etc.











At the other side of town there's a lounge bar (Cuba Libre) which is the perfect place to watch the sunset.


5. My wife enjoying the warm sun



6. The old town of Ohrid in the background



7.  I was so happy to see that boat come into view and make the picture complete (all this while drinking a delicious Mojito)



Edited by Luc de Schepper
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Ohrid's old town has many interesting buildings.

8. The Reconstructed St. Clement and St. Panteleimon Church



9. Church of St. Sophia



10. View on Ohrid



11. Lunch time at the lake. In the background boats which act as a taxi service between the hotels, apartments and restaurants.


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We also joined a boat trip to the monastery and church of St. Naum.








14. Praying



15. Fresco in the church


Edited by Luc de Schepper
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Thanks Dallas. I consider myself lucky to be able to travel to interesting places. My photographic vision is dependent on inspiration. Anyway, I'm glad I travelled light with just the X100. The limitation of two focal lengths (28 and 35mm) forces me to look better, a zoom lens is very handy but tends to make me lazy. 

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