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Most of the times Friday is my day off and when the weather is ok I visit interesting Dutch cities. Last Friday I went to Kampen, located on a peninsula near the river IJssel and lake IJsselmeer. Kampen is an excellent example of a small Dutch city with a nice historic (medieval) city centre. The inhabitants of Kampen are rightly proud of their city. They were also very friendly, like they stopped their car and waited patiently when I stood on the middle of the road to shoot a photograph. Try that in Amsterdam ... Kampen has put a lot of effort in restoring old buildings and wall paintings making for great photo opportunities!
All images Fujifilm X100.
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That's such a good idea, Luc (visiting other nearby cities and towns). I think I should start doing something similar, except that the distances here are a tad more challenging if you want to get to more interesting places. And Walter is not the lightest fuel burner I have owned! 

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Posted (edited)

That's true Dallas, I live in the geographic centre of Holland so all places can be reached within three hours. Aren't there any interesting places nearby in Durban? 


Some  more images from Kampen. It once again struck me how well maintained and/or restored the historic centres of Dutch cities are. 










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10 hours ago, Luc de Schepper said:

That's true Dallas, I live in the geographic centre of Holland so all places can be reached within three hours. Aren't there any interesting places nearby in Durban? 


I'm a little too jaded from living a lifetime here to see things nearby with new eyes, but there are plenty of interesting things for visitors to see. :) 

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    • By Luc de Schepper
      From Wikipedia:
      The Koppelpoort is a medieval gate in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, province of Utrecht. Completed around 1425, it combines land and water-gates, and is part of the second city wall of Amersfoort, which was constructed between 1380 and 1450.
      The gate was built between 1380 and 1425 as part of the second city wall. The whole wall was completed around 1450. The gate was attacked in 1427 during the siege of the city. This attack was repelled.
      The gate was opened and closed every day by the appointed raddraaiers, "wheel-turners". A minimum of twelve wheel-turners were collected morning and evening by several guards. It was an extremely dangerous task; if they did not begin walking simultaneously, then one could fall, dragging the rest along with often fatal results. Before the gate could come down, it had to be raised, to pull out the iron pins that held it in place. Only then could it come down. While the gate was going down, walking in the wheel grew ever easier and faster, and many people stumbled and broke their limbs. The koppelpoort was also never breached.
      The Koppelpoort was given its current appearance during the restoration by Pierre Cuypers in 1885 and 1886. Among other things, Cuypers removed a step between the two gates and replaced it with a slope.
      From 1969 to 1993 a puppet theater was situated in the gate.
      The latest restoration was completed in 1996. It was carried out very cautiously, and with respect for the old building materials. For this the town of Amersfoort received the Europa Nostra Award.
      Fujifilm X100


    • By Luc de Schepper
      This wall art by 13HOOG was commissioned by NS/Dutch Railway and the city of Amersfoort (Holland). It's located at the site where the NS/Dutch Railway used to have their maintenance and repair facilities.

      Fujifilm X100


    • By Luc de Schepper
      Some of you may know or have noticed I have a kind of project to visit interesting Dutch cities, for fun and photography.
      Last Friday the weather was again unusually warm and sunny, I guess we have to "thank" climate change for that.
      For me a reason to visit another city on my list. If possible I do this by public transport, mostly by train.
      This time my goal was the small city of Schiedam, right next to Rotterdam.
      Schiedam turned out to have some beautiful (lovingly restored) canals, distilleries and warehouses and is famous for it's centuries of jenever ("Dutch gin") production.
      For this purpose the world's highest windmills were built. This because they were located in the city so to catch enough wind they needed to be very high.
      This series all shot with an Olympus E-M10II + Olympus 12-40mm f2.8
      1. Appelmarktbrug/Apple Market Bridge

      2. Havenkerk/Harbour Church)

      3. Lange Haven/Long Harbour

      4. Jenevermuseum

      5. Wijnpakhuis/Wine Depot "Zeeland"

      6. Chocolaterie "De Bonte Koe"

      7. Uitzicht/View from panorama platform of windmill "De Walvisch"

      8. Windmolen/Windmill "De Drie Koornbloemen"

      9. Windmolen/Windmill "De Kameel"

      10. It's that Peugeot 203 again! 

    • By Luc de Schepper
      The three mages in this topic were shot during a recent balloon ride. Please click 3x on the image to enlarge and view the details on image 1 and 2.
      View on my hometown Amersfoort which is located in the centre of Holland. In fact, the isolated church tower (98,33m) in the middle/right is the official geographical centre of Holland. The church which was attached to the town was destroyed by a gun powder explosion in 1787. The medieval layout of the old city centre is clearly visible. I live in one of the red roofed houses in the top/middle of the image.

      Amersfoort is at the border of the so-called Randstad, the highly populated area in the West of Holland consisting of the cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Once you cross the A28 highway visible in the middle of the image below you enter beautiful rural areas which are great for my bicycle trips.

      The balloons are landed on grasslands such as these. The farmers are mostly ok with this, as long as nothing is damaged. The cows and dogs are slightly disturbed by the balloons, especially from the sound of the heaters. 

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