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What Do You Want From Fotozones?

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I have no problem with the existing structure, which if kept lean and clean, easy to navigate and troll free has far more chance of growing organically.

Whilst I can understand a request for more specific manufacturer's sections I have always found them divisive (have you ever read DPR forum?). If a split is required why not keep it by sensor i.e. 4/3 (existing), APC, Full Frame.

I do think an area for posting which is critique free could prove helpful in the long run.

My biggest fear is that the site will grow too large and lose its identity. I have left far more forum where this has happened, and the trolls have invaded to take advantage of a bigger audience for their bile. 

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I agree, Mike. This is why I am capping membership at 2000 at any one time. I definitely don't want a return to the wild days of NG circa 2009 where I would be woken up at night by members calling me to complain about what person X said. Seriously, that did happen more than once. 


I kind of like the idea of format size being the only split, but then why do we need a split at all? Put it all in one place and use tags to ID the content. Hmmm... 🧐

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One of the things I would like to do in the spirit of FZ rejuvenation is give the membership more say in the running of the forum on FZ.


The first step in this direction is to set up a committee of long standing members who would take charge of community activities on the site. We used to have a POTW committee and @Bilbo used to run the photography challenges, both activities that have sadly fallen by the wayside. Who would be interested in reviving these activities and running with them? 

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