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Sure seems real quiet around here?

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Where are all the photos from the Christmas and New Year outings? :) 


I must apologise for my absence - I am running around dealing with car repairs and odd jobs, a few web projects and the usual stuff. Haven't had a chance to do any personal photography in ages, but hoping to get out and do something very soon. One of my E-M1 bodies has died on me during a shoot. I think the shutter is stuck, so that has to go to Portugal for repairs, but according to a colleague who had the same thing happen it wasn't too much of a wait to get it back (2-3 weeks). Fortunately I had a back-up on hand when it happened. 


I had a friend from London bring in a 67mm LEE Seven5 adapter ring for my 8-18mm lens, so now I really must get back on the beach bright and early to bring in some additional landscape work. The plan is to start printing and selling wall decor, especially now that I am working in the right market to find buyers for the work. Will keep you all posted on how that goes. 


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Lost in the woods?


Gippsland_2018_0 23


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