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I was doing a bit of work in the garden this afternoon and moved a couple of old empty plant pots.  Inside I found this red back spider. Not quite up to Alan's standards shooting hand held stacks, but Red Backs are an Australian icon.  The first image was from my phone, so has that over-sharpened look.



Redback_1 (iPhone)


It was quite active inspecting it's web after I first disturbed it, but when I returned later with a proper camera, it was settled and didn't want to move much at all, so I was a bit constrained in the angles I could get.



Redback_2  (Nikon D7000, Tamron SP90)


Looking closely, the spider seems to be a leg short!


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Australian relative of the American Black Widow spider. Of course, being an Australian resident, it's more deadly. ;) Has a rather cruel habit of frequenting outhouse toilet seats, early outback settlers rapidly learnt to run a lit candle around the underside of the toilet seat at night  before planting their rear onto it. Redback bites can occasionally be fatal if anti-venom isn't administered.

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The pain from a red back bite can be incredibly painful.  Fortunately they are not an aggressive spider.  Most Melbourne suburbs have them.


Their Kiwi cousin is called the Katipo.  One of NZ's few venomous creatures.

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    • By crowecg
      A challenging night shoot!  Lacking a macro capability for the Fuji kit, I initially reached in the drawer to use the old Nikon/Tamron combination, but the battery was flat, so the Fuji had to do.

      Night Spider 2 
      A nice looking spider building a beautiful web in the back yard, backlit with a torch.

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      All shot using Fuji X-E3 and 55-200 zoom and the little clip on flash that came with the camera.  A bit of a learning exercise trying to get the best from the focus and viewfinder in the dark.
      I'm sure the passers-by walking their dogs were wondering what the torch and flash were about - but watching the spider was fascinating.
      I did read that there will be a new option for Fuji macro work  - Laowa have just released a 65mm 2x macro in Fuji mount, only compromise being manual focus, but that isn't too big an issue for macro work.
      Probably a Orb-weaving Spider, Eriophora biapicata, although the patterning on the abdomen of this one doesn't seem as distinct as the reference pictures I've seen.
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      A few more of the Huntsman spider I found in the corner of my office.

      ....Updates to follow - Flickr isn't cooperating
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      Just about to settle down the for the evening on Sunday, when I spotted this guy in the corner.  (it might actually mean I can give a weekly photo challenge a go for this year...)

      White Tail Face 

      White Tail 
      Looks a bit ugly compared to some of the jumping spiders I've photographed before.  (What is the world coming to when I'm considering the attractiveness of spiders?)  White tails also apparently have a nasty bite which can cause severe reactions.
      Usual set up - Nikon D7000, Tamron SP90, handheld single exposure, on camera flash + LED flash light.
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      Dropping a relative off at Melbourne Airport today, so took a bit of a walk around Woodlands park.  Nice day - weather couldn't decide what to do 28C and a touch of sunburn, but tomorrow we're off in search of snow!  Anyway, on to the pictures....

      View across the park towards the airport 

      Carpets of wildflowers

      And more... 

      Run away!!! 

      And saving the best until last, an Echidna which my son spotted as we were just leaving. 
      All D7000, landscapes with 18-105 and animals with 70-300.
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