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In the past couple of weeks I discovered that a Long Beaked Corella chick had been hatched in my oak tree and had started to walk around the yard grazing on seeds (as its close cousins the cockatoos do) as it still couldn't fly. It had no trouble climbing into the tree, where its mother would drop in twice a day to feed it, regurgitated from her crop.








The youngster had woken me up each morning with its simple, but loud two-notes call, but this morning it didn't. Having seen it cross the road before, I thought it might have been run over, but walking into the sun-room a while later showed a more grizzly scene on the other side of the fence.




The chick had become breakfast for a Brown Falcon, which took off too soon for me to get outside and try to sneak up to get a clear shot, so the one above taken through the glass of the window and the fence in between will have to suffice.


I found it interesting that the falcon had decapitated the corella to kill it (the head was a couple of feet away), and had totally eaten out the body cavity but left the drumsticks untouched with feet still attached.



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Perhaps there are some other chicks elsewhere who are benefiting from this.   

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