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Michael Erlewine

The Nikon Z7 with Extensions (Nikkor CRT)

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A dream of mine for many years has been to give the Nikon “O” CRT lens just a little more focusing-range room. On the Nikon D850, on a focus rail, it is very limited, but wonderful for what it can do.


No doubt this is one of my favorite lenses.


I have been angling for extension rings and other mounts for the Z7 and thanks to the extensive knowledge of Erik Lund who turned me on to the Novoflex Adapter Set for Visoflex II/III to Leica M mount plus the Kipon M39-to-Z7 mounts for the Z7, I had everything I needed to find out if my dream can come true.


And absolutely, it can and did.


It not only gives me more focus-room, but since the Novoflex has various extensions, I can get close (but farther back than with the F-Mount or with two extension rings back far enough to take in an entire flower. This is perfect, and while I am just checking it out, here are a couple initial photos showing the new results of the new extensions.


The Kipon works perfectly and the Novoflex flawlessly, with the results that this opens the door to a much wider range of photography for the Nikon “O CRT.”


I am using a single extension ring (farther back) and two extension rings (closer).


This speaks volumes to me about the future of this new mount on the Nikon Z cameras. The problem for me with the Nikon “O” CRT lens is it was too limited in focus range. No more, and there are many other classic lenses that will benefit from the same treatment.



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What lovely, natural colors.    Well done.

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Pushing the envelope with the Nikkor "O" CRT lens on the Nikon Z& using Leica/M39 extension tubes offers some pretty nice options.



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