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Luc de Schepper

Palace Soestdijk

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An image of the palace where the previous Queen Juliana and her family lived. It's in Baarn, close by where I live in Amersfoort.

After the Queen and her husband died the palace (which already was in bad shape due to lack of maintenance) was abandoned.

The palace and the surrounding buildings and gardens are now due to be renovated by a private firm, at a cost of approximately 100 million Euro's.

In the image is a statue of the queen and her husband, in their typical pose as they used to greet their nationals once a year on the celebrations for the birthday of the Queen.



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A very pleasing composition in lovely light. Amazing to think that anybody ever needs such a huge place to call home. Im many ways I think that most royals end up becoming prisoners of their own titles. They certainly don't have the same kind of freedom that the common man enjoys, in spite of their apparent affluence. 

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