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Investigating Canon's EOS R Mirrorless

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Today is the first time since it was announced that I have been able to look into the new Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. I gotta say that at first glance I much prefer the look of it compared to Nikon's Z7. It seems to look more like an SLR and less like something Sony designers hobbled together with a Mechano set. :) In this thread I will post some videos and impressions of the camera. Would love to hear other reader's thoughts on it too. 


Here's the first video from an actual photographer who takes actual photos and not a "vlogger". I really like the idea of the control ring on the lens being programmable to shift a camera setting, such as aperture, although I wonder how practical it is in real life if you accidentally change a setting while handling the camera. I manage to do this regularly on my Olympus E-M1 and I have turned off most of the programmable buttons. 




It does look like a very large camera compared to the Z7 and that lens is a real monster! 

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An official video from Canon USA. I do find it kind of amusing that this chap speaks about these technological advances like they are coming to the world of photography for the first time. Hello, 2013 called and they said "Hi! Welcome to the club!". ;) 



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The producer of this video highlights some of the very nice features that this new camera has. I really like the LCD on top, the function ring on the lens (which apparently only changes the setting assigned to it while the shutter button is halfway depressed), and this new swipe adjuster control thingy on the back. The things he doesn't like wouldn't bother me at all, so at face value, if I ever found a compelling need to go back to shooting a 35mm based system, this particular camera might well be more enticing to me than either of the Nikon Z options. I particularly like that it uses SD cards and not the really expensive XQD one. It looks like a nice "Goldilocks" camera. 



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    • By Dallas
      I just got word that Olympus has updated the firmware in the E-M1 Mk II and this sees it now getting a lot more of the features that the E-M1X has, including improved AF, expanded ISO range (down to ISO 64) as well as some other stuff that I didn't even know these cameras could do. Here's Robin Wong to run through some of the details.  
    • By Luc de Schepper
      This lens is an good example of the advantages the new Z-mount brings. The large diameter of the Z mount allows the lens designers to come up with new exciting and/or better performing lenses. The Z 24-70mm f4 is an example of the latter, it's optimised for the new mount and thus behaves in a way like the similarly optimised lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system, the outstanding Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 comes to mind. 
      The Nikkor Z 24-70mm f4 has excellent MTF figures but what's more important in every day use, it's a no-nonsense tool for fantastic images. Finally a "standard range" zoom lens for a full frame system that to me has no flaws. Sharpness is outstanding, even in the far corners. Optical distortion is corrected in the RAW profile and Jpegs. Color, contrast and bokeh are good (although the Z 50mm f1.8 has more punch). Built, size and handling are also very nice. In a kit combined with the Z6 or Z7 this lens represents great value for money and should be a no-brainer when contemplating the purchase of a Z6 or Z7.
      Some images (all shot on a Nikon Z6)
      1. f5 1/13sec iso320

      2. f5 1/15sec iso560

      3. f5.6 1/40sec iso100

      4. f10 1/13sec iso100

      5. f4 1/1600sec iso 100

    • By crowecg
      I thought all the big events were over and done with but there has been a barrage of new products in the last few days - all mirrorless !
      first a new Nikon Z Lens; a new Canon R body plus a slew of R mount lenses previewed and a new body and lens from Fuji.  There was also a Panasonic announcement a week or two earlier.
    • By Dallas
      So Nikon has announced they will bring in the new professional mirrorless camera with a new mount and adaptability to F mount lenses. I don't think they had any choice in the matter, to be honest. 
      I think we will see a couple of new mirrorless bodies. There will probably be a flagship and a prosumer grade body. I reckon the flagship will most likely have the designation of DM-1 and the prosumer most likely a DM-300 or something along those lines. 
      Hopefully they will have designed something that inspires the competition to up their game too, but based on recent pricing of models such as the D5, I reckon we can expect a wince when the prices are announced, which will leave ample room for the competitors like MFT, Sony and Fuji to compete well. 
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