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Public toilets-a new concept

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This was taken yesterday in Kensington Market, here in Toronto, and while I've been coming here since I was born (my Grandparents lived here for many years and it is where my mother and her siblings were born and raised) I have never seen anything like this in over forty years of shooting.
I was on my way to meet a photobud in the Market when I noticed a mother squatting over the edge of the sidewalk, holding her young daughter who was peeing on the sidewalk and road, while the father rummaged through the stroller for a fresh diaper or underpants, and a woman who I assume was a grandmother simply stood by and nonchalantly watched. This is not what I ever understood the phrase "public toilet" to mean, but I guess I'm just a bit old-fashioned when it comes to these things, and just not up with the times. Had to be seen to be believed, so I grabbed this shot.
Nikon D3
zoom-Nikkor 24~70 2.8 AF-S G ED
f8 @ 1/125th ISO 200


Public toilets-a new concept-1920.jpg

I shoot film. That's film. F...i....l....m. You remember film don't you? It was in all the papers.

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