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A few weeks back I stumbled across Alpin Drums, a percussion/performance group.
When I booked the ticket I realized one of them was the percussionist from The Stimulators, a favourite band of mine.
So expectations where very high but easily matched by the guys on stage.


They where using everything from milk cans


to rubber toys and plastic tubing


and even swimming noodles



The whole set is here.




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The first one is my favourite. Thanks for showing us, Andreas. :) 

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Great stuff, captures the atmosphere of the performance well.

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    • By afx
      On May 10th, we went to listen to Peter Schneider and 'Sir' Oliver Malley,
      two excellent guitarists playing blues together.
      I have heard Peter many times as the band leader of the "The Stimulators",
      so my expectations where high, but I was not disappointed.
      Oliver is definitely a stage person:

      Together they are a terrific team:

      Even the barkeeper is impressive:

      And they do mix excellent cocktails there, they even have really good espresso.
      A few more images can be seen here: here.
      Now I am waiting for their first CD.
      All images with 50/1.8 or a Sigma 24/1.8.
    • By afx
      Recently I visited the Schrottgallerie the first time. It is an art gallery that often hosts concerts.
      That evening Boogielicious was on the "stage".
      Drums and piano playing Boogie with lots of energy.





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