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Bog Star Flower, Parnassia palustris

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This flower just showed up this past Friday. It is fairly widely distributed.  I think the shape and coloring is absolutely beautiful. It is the "county flower" of Cumberland, England, and is on the county flag.  There appear to be slight regional variations of this flower. These two were only a little over 1" across. I used the 12-50mm Macro Olympus lens on an EM1 Mark II. I suppose it is almost trite to comment this way, but some flowers really have an almost magical appearance.  These two can keep me mesmerized for quite a long spell. They were all around our office building at St. Mary's, Alaska.


Bog Star, Parnassia palustris



Bog Star, Parnassia palustris



Bog Star, Parnassia palustris


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