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A fallen tree in transition trapped upon the shore of Lake Crescent to be battered by the waves and the weather of Storm King. Olympic National Park.


Capture: Fujifilm X-T1. 70s, f/11, iso200. - Zeiss Touit 32mm. - Lee Seven5 Big Stopper ND & Polarizer. - Acros-R B&W simulation.

Pixelroom: On1 PhotoRAW 2018



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Very nice, I like it. 

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Thanks Dallas!


I am much happier with this now that it looks like how I captured it. I first did this in LR and could never get it right because of my Fujifilm raf file. PhotoRAW is working much better for me. 😀 My next project is to revisit all my favorite photographs processed in LR and fix them in PR.

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The Lightroom compatibility issues with RAF have been widely spoken of. I will be honest and say that it has been a major reason why I never warmed to the Fuji X line. I can't operate without Lightroom - my workflow is too deeply embedded in its operation, so no X-trans for me.


Learning new software is something I used to actually enjoy, but as my years move along faster I find that the time is better spent doing other things. :) I will at some point soon though, talk about Luminar 2018, which I have a complimentary copy of. 

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    • By crowecg
      Shortly after I first arrived in Melbourne I took a picture of Flinders St station from across the river in Southbank.  The station was all lit up, but the sky was not quite black, still a deep blue.  I really liked it, but it was only a 2 MPixel image.  For years I've wanted to get back and take a bigger version, but never quite managed it.  One time, I was just a bit too late and the sky was already black (see here) and another time, the station was wrapped in scaffolding for renovation works.  However, this week I finally managed it!!!!😁
      So, here is the new version:

      Flinders St Station
      And this is the original:

      The angles are a little bit different, but growth of the trees in the intervening 13.5 years made that necessary to avoid blocking some of the key features of the station.
      I also grabbed a few other shots whilst there.  I think this one works better as black and white as the colours of the city lights draw my eyes away from the bar on the island below the bridge.

      Island Bar
    • By nivaun
      Went on an 11 day hike across the Bailey Range in Olympic National Park. Forest fires had Washington and Oregon smoke filled and created some unusual colors and clouds. These clouds seemed to  mimic the sub-alpine fir silhouette. 

      Capture: Fujifilm X-H1, 1/1000 f/5, iso200
      Pixelroom: Luminar 2018
    • By nivaun
      A combination of Barnes Creek entering the Lake Crescent and the wind blowing waves against the silhouette of the tree root gave me the impression it was a swimming dragon. I also like how the sunset created a convenient X.
      Capture: Fujifilm X-T1, 6.5s, f/22, iso 100. - Zeiss Touit 12mm - Lee Seven5 Big Stopper, .9 GND soft, Polarizer - B&W-R simulation
      Pixelroom: On1 PhotoRAW 2018.5


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