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How To Create A Custom Feed On Fotozones

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I have created this little tutorial to show members how to create a custom feed here on Fotozones and also how to set that feed to be your default, instead of the using the Unread Content default. This might be helpful if you only want to follow certain parts of Fotozones and decrease the amount of time it takes for the feed to run when you click on the link. 


Step 1

Click on the Unread Content link. That will bring up something that looks like this: 




If you click any combination of the filters seen at the top of the results page you get a drop down selector where you can input the parameters for things you want to include in your feed. Note that you can click on any of those drop downs to tweak your feed to your liking. 


Step 2

Once you have all your parameters selected, click the Save As New Feed button and give it a name. For this demo I am using "Basic Feed". 




Step 3

After saving and running the feed, if you look at the little greyed out buttons to the right of the feed title one of them is a tick mark. If you click this it will set that as your default feed. You can also delete or edit the feed using the other buttons. 




Step 4

Once you click the Set as default feed icon you will see that the Unread Content link changes to the name you gave your feed, so running it is now as simple as clicking that link either at the top or bottom of every page. 




You can create as many feeds as you like and also access them by clicking on the Feeds menu item in the main menu. 




If you have any questions, please let me know! 


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