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Zone System Express 5

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Last night was to official release of ZSE 5.0 by Blake Rudis. ZSE is two panels that run in Photoshop that you give quick and powerful actions to select and modify tone and color plus apply effects. The main panel handles the tone, color, and effects. Blake added a tab for Heat Map. That tool lets you see the tone zones, (0-11) as colors. For example zone 0 might be set to deep blue while 11 is set to bright magenta. The second panel is new and it is for proofing and export images for print or the web.

If you purchase a version of ZSE, you get all future upgrades. I purchased ZSE4 and got ZSE5 as free upgrade. The package has hours of training videos and PDFs.

If you are a Ps fan or want to learn how to use Ps, this product gives you structured work flow starting with doing the basic in ACR or Lr Develop and then moving to Ps.  


I now use ZSE and have removed all the plugins in Ps and Lr except for Topaz Studio.   But I find I rarely need Topaz.


Olympus OM-D EM-1 II, 60mm Macro, 7-14mm Pro, 12-40mm Pro, 40-150mm Pro, 300mm Pro


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Hmm... I'm a little confused about how your post has the profile info from a different site? How did you post this? 

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