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On fathers day we visited a nearby horse stable, where a foal had been born at midnight.


There is a proud mom:


My wife went after the detals:


Interesting pattern, I've been told that this will fade soon:


Already galloping:



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When I became a parent for the first time I was always annoyed that in the animal kingdom the mother of most animals (like horses) would give birth and the baby would be up and about almost instantly, unlike our infant who took a year to learn how to walk and then couldn't be left alone entirely for another 21 years! :D 

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      Fee and mom after two days:

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      There is a yearly horse competition just a few miles from my home, which draws competitors from around the world, so quite a show.  I go for a change of pace from my usual subjects, and to admire the skill and courage the riders and horses display.
      D4  80-400  f/7.1  1/1600s  
      About a 50% crop.  Originally shot as a vertical, to show the landing zone in the water, but really felt in retrospect that the crop tells the story with more impact and simplifies the image.
      Try it large if you would.
      Advice and comments always appreciated.


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