Peter Schneider & 'Sir' Oliver Mally @ Bar Gabanyi

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On May 10th, we went to listen to Peter Schneider and 'Sir' Oliver Malley,
two excellent guitarists playing blues together.

I have heard Peter many times as the band leader of the "The Stimulators",
so my expectations where high, but I was not disappointed.

Oliver is definitely a stage person:


Together they are a terrific team:


Even the barkeeper is impressive:


And they do mix excellent cocktails there, they even have really good espresso.

A few more images can be seen here: here.

Now I am waiting for their first CD.
All images with 50/1.8 or a Sigma 24/1.8.


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I like the 2nd shot most. Interesting how many guitarists have become lazy with these clip on tuners and not removing them while they are playing on stage. :) 

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Well, at least Oliver was quite often changing the complete tune of his guitar.




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On 16/05/2018 at 13:55, Dallas said:

I like the 2nd shot most. Interesting how many guitarists have become lazy with these clip on tuners and not removing them while they are playing on stage. :) 


Interesting suggestion that the guitarist remove the tuner - I can't for the life of me see why that's necessary or that he'd even want to do that? I mean, it's always accessible should the guitar fall out of tune during a performance, as well as that you always know where it is. Electric guitars are a different story if they have a tuner plugged into the floor pedal array, but this is no good for an unamplified acoustic


Here's the headstock of my guitar as it is all the time - I've misplaced or lost enough tuners and capos over the years to make the discipline of always keeping them attached to the headstock of my main guitar (unless actually needed elsewhere) a simple enough and by now automatic task. The guitar fits into its hard shell case just fine with everything in place as well. This gave me an ideal opportunity to try the new focus stacking update on the X-T2 - 20 shots taken in just under 5 seconds, 50-140mm zoom at f/2.8, zoom @ 129mm, and totally unretouched stack in Zerene Stacker... worked like a charm. :) 


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It just looks tatty, in my opinion. I'm just as guilty of the practice, but then I don't play to any audiences. ;) 

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Guitars are for playing or listening to, not looking at... :)

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1 hour ago, Alan7140 said:

Guitars are for playing or listening to, not looking at... :)


I challenge you to decoupage all your guitars! 

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    • By afx
      Recently I visited the Schrottgallerie the first time. It is an art gallery that often hosts concerts.
      That evening Boogielicious was on the "stage".
      Drums and piano playing Boogie with lots of energy.




    • By afx
      Last year I went to three concerts of The Whiskey Foundation.
      The first more by accident, I came for another band at a free concert evening and was totally surprised by the last act (and fighting with the broken AF of my newly acquired D750)...
      In April and December I went there on purpose. The guys are great!
      The sound often reminds me of the Doors even though it is new stuff written today.
      For me the Munich Band of 2015.
      Over the three concerts I could see how their stage presentation evolved. Initially the playlist was not built for a progression, but in the last concert they had that down perfectly.
      And, the concert in December was performed at Clap Club, a demo or film studio from Arri, so the light was fabulous.
      The December concert had an opening act by the street musicians the singer used to play with:

      The singer:

      The Drummer, the beast:

      One of the few moments where one could see the face of the bass player:

      The keyboarder sounds a lot like Ray Manzarek:

      Lead Guitar:

      The full set:
    • By afx
      Like in the last three years I went to see Martin Barre playing at the nightclub of Hotel Bayerischer Hof.
      It was his 50th stage anniversary and he was not holding back.
      This time he came with female support, Becca Langsford. and Alex Hart (Alex also sings backing vocals on "Back to Steel"):

      Martin with Becca Langsford:

      Alan Thomson and the ladies:

      As usual the drummer was well hidden and the light was absymal.

      Dan Crisp (while he was mostly up front the stage light usually missed him):


      Jamming 2:

      A happy Martin:

      The whole band:

      Here is the complete gallery:
      Still way too many images but at a certain point I can't decide what to nuke anymore.
      I mostly used the D750, but the D700 was also used. Mostly primes (85/1.8, 50/1.8 and a Sigma 24/1.8) but also a Tarmon 28-75/2.8.
      Still not sure about the highlight protect mode of the D750. Seems to be more erratic than just using spot metering on this rather dim stage.
      This was the first concert I completely processed with Capture One.
    • By afx
      In a neighboring village, Ottersberg there is a musician who runs a series of cultural events in an old barn,
      the Kulturstadl (translates to culture barn).
      You can grab a decent Bavarian dinner before the concert and the have coffee and cake in the intermission.
      All for very local prices ;-)
      You might smell a nearby cow stable....
      On August 7th, Organ Explosion was playing.
      Key feature of the band are vintage electronic organs.
      The drummer also plays for Nick Woodland.
      Because of the tight seating, I could not get close to the front,
      so all shots where taken with the 80-200 from the rear.
      The guys:

      An exalted drummer (finally one that is not hidden by a forest of microphone stands):

      The man on the electronic organs:

      The base:

      Of course they have a CD:

      The whole Gallery:
    • By afx
      I was asked by bass voice of Sixte ajoutée to shoot their charity concert Saturday a week ago.
      In contrast to the first time I shot them in a small room in a church,
      they were singing in a big citizen hall that really fit them well.
      My D750 was scheduled to go to Nikon for an AF checkup after they found my AFS 80-200 perfectly ok.
      But I had to use it and could not fall back on the D700 which would have a shutter noise that is way too intrusive for an A Capella concert like this.
      So I used a borrowed (still debating whether I should keep it) 70-200VR1 and my Tamron 28-78/2.8 for all shots on the D750 and my 85/1.8 for the UV lit song.
      The first time I shot them I was using a borrowed Panasonic with completely electronic and therefore silent shutter,
      but that cam doesn't hold a candle to the D750 for these types of light.
      And the D750 is silent enough to not annoy the audience (I did glance at the people to see whether there was any reaction at all).
      In the end the D750 performed ok, apart from a complete lockup at the end and it is now already back from Nikon with an exchanged AF module.
      The last time I bought a Nikon body before the D750, it had a defocused AF module ;-(
      I did have stage side access, but as they were mostly at the front of the stage it was not much use….





      I personally like the shadow man in blue better:

      And no concert of Sixte ajoutée is complete without Martin doing the Hula:

      The whole gallery:ée-Haar-2015-1/
    • By afx
      Went to shoot The Whiskey Foundation at Muffathalle Thursday before Easter.
      D750+AFS 80-200/2.8 and 85/1.8G.
      In contrast to the concert in January the venue was packed so moving was not that easy.
      The reach of the 80-200 plus my 2m height allowed me to shoot above the audience.
      The Charles played as supporting act. They don't have a CD out yet,
      but this youtube video shows a lot of promise. I really enjoyed their part.

      Then came the main act, The Whiskey Foundation. The sound like The Doors came back with new music.

      Here is the whole set:
      Unfortunately I ran into a snag with the 80-200. The AF did not work reliable.
      The AF motor often did not engage.
      Shooting manual with multifocal glasses in a concert situation while keeping the cam position
      high in portrait mode without a portrait grip is a recipe for frustration.
      Not really conductive for a high keeper rate.
      I did switch over to the 85 but that of course needed me to be closer and shooting
      with moving bodies around me, also not very conductive to a high keeper rate.
      Overall, I prefer shooting in smaller, less packed venues.
      In January I already had the 80-200AFS at Nikon because of issues with the D750,
      but it came back with a statement that there are no known issues.
      Well, the lens works just fine with my D700 but not the D750 ;-(
      It is back at Nikon right now.
    • By afx
      Three young local bands playing at Muffatwerk in Munich.
      Mostly monochrome light from the back. Extreme contrasts are guaranteed.
      The D750 is really amazing, but can not perform miracles...
      Some of my favorites:
      The Black Submarines

      The Capitols
      A lead singer with an attitude (and a base player with a very cool voice)

      The Whiskey Foundation
      (sounded like a re-incarnation of the Doors, but not a cover band, they played their own songs. Quite interesting....)

      An example of how bad the light was:


      I used an interesting trick for this set.
      I used Click-WB on something that should be sort of neutral.
      And only then converted to B&W.
      This resulted in a lot less posterization and better highlight control.
      Typically the WB would be either stuck at the low or high end. LR is a bit limited in that regard, other converteds (C1, AS) can reach lower.
      The drummers where all in really bad light. No decent shots ;-(
      Here is the complete set:
      Most images with the D750 and the 85/1.8G, some with the D700 and the 50/1.8G and one or two with a Sigma 24/1.8.