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Verzaubert - some impressions from a magic show

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A colleague at my new job is a magician.
He asked me to shoot a performance of his magic circle.

So here are some impressions:


The star of the show is Magic Maxl, Germanies junior champion.
He needed a a special exemption, because 10 year olds are usually not admitted to the club.

Here he is demonstration how at Oktoberfest he showed some Italian timbleriggers (Hütchenspieler) how it is really done:

This ten year old has a stage persona, most grown up entertainers would give an arm and a leg for...


Then there was this medieval medico cleaning out the earwax of a spectator:


Then there was this guy who collected souls and then continued on to swallowing pins:

Then he pulled them out with a string he also swallowed:


Looks like he messed up a bit, because he was not present for the finale.
We later learned that there where three pins he did not get out.
He left in an ambulance. My colleague told me they could fix the problem in the clinic.


The performances don't work too well in single images, that's why I am posting only a few.



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Good stuff, Andreas. Thanks for sharing. :) 

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Great stuff. Particularly the ear wax cleaning. (I think I need to visit such a practitioner, maybe that will help the loss of hearing I'm experiencing these days).

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Yes, the ear cleaner was a hoot. The least sophisticated from the magic point of view but the most dramatic effect.

In a previous show they guy with the pins was perfectly fine. Have not found out what caused the problem in this case.




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Magic Maxl ... you bavarians ... :crazy:

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