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Just about to settle down the for the evening on Sunday, when I spotted this guy in the corner.  (it might actually mean I can give a weekly photo challenge a go for this year...)



White Tail Face 



White Tail 


Looks a bit ugly compared to some of the jumping spiders I've photographed before.  (What is the world coming to when I'm considering the attractiveness of spiders?):crazy:  White tails also apparently have a nasty bite which can cause severe reactions.


Usual set up - Nikon D7000, Tamron SP90, handheld single exposure, on camera flash + LED flash light.

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Go for it, Chris! I suggest using a tag like CEWI2017 (Create Every Week In 2017). I can add a menu item under challenges for it. :) 

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Nasty little buggers, these white-tails. The only spiders I see in my house that I'll kill on sight, having been bitten on several occasions (usually while in bed asleep - wakes you up, believe me!).

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Small, Ann - about an inch or so long (maybe bigger in warmer climes than here), but aside from their mildly venomous but extremely painful bite, they have been associated with transferring Necrotising fasciitis bacterial infection which kills living soft tissue and can spread to the degree that a limb can be lost or even resulting in death in extreme cases.


I have heard it argued that the two are not directly associated, but that it's the length of time it takes one of these bites to heal that allows the necrotising bacteria to establish independently, but I'm not taking any chances and if I see one of these things its dead. Thankfully they are very susceptible to a direct hit of surface spray insecticide, as sometimes they survive attempts to kill them with more physical means. They are extremely tough in that way.

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Similar size to what Alan described.  It is probably about as big as they get around my place.  I usually trap bugs around the house and move them out to the back yard - with occasional photos on the way.   Bug spray only comes out when there are large numbers such as lines of ants.

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If cockroaches aren't vile enough while crawling, our largest variety has developed the ability to fly too. My Mom used to call them Zeppelins. Last night we had two of them fly into the house while we were watching TV. Needless to say bug spray was on hand and a swift extermination was carried out. :P

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      Haven't taken many pictures recently, but managed a late afternoon walk in the park today.



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      Whilst the distance made the display look a little small, the height allowed nice reflections on the water.


      Generally used about a 5 second exposure, and with the wider shots, it was possible to see the silhouette of other people on the top of the hill.

      A general night view from the top across to Magnetic Island while waiting for the main event to start.

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      Had a few days away in Townsville over the holiday period.  Visited some old friends and did a few day trips to the surrounding areas.

      Magnetic Island, named by James Cook on a day his ships compass played up.  Located just off the coast of Townsville and reached by a 20 minute ferry ride.
      Inland, the Townsville landscape is dominated by Castle Hill, which sits in the middle of the city.

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      There were some nice beaches right in town...

      But despite the accessibility, warm water and sunshine, they were often deserted......
      This time on year they are prone to jelly fish and crocodiles.  There are probably a few sharks out there too.
      Given the bright sunlight, a circular polariser was mounted on my camera most of the time.
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      This big blue machine is edging it's way along the road at the end of my street...

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      And to give it a bit more context....

      Big Blue #2 

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      It's purpose is to lift sections of the viaduct into place.

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      The purpose is to replace the existing level crossing.

      Level Crossing 
      It is expected to free up a lot of space for parks, cycle tracks and expansion of the station car parks.

      Along the Tracks 
      However, the project has got a lot of attention due to the proximity to residential properties.

      Residential Street 
      The railway has always been just next to these properties, ever since this area was first developed over 100 years ago.  However, the residents were expecting the railway line to go in a cutting, based on based on the initial consultation that the government undertook and the example set by the few previous crossing removal projects.  However, from an engineering view point, this is obviously a good solution which allows disruption to the railway line to be minimised.