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A series of images of Het Groene Huis (The Green House). This place is a Centre for Nature and Environment Education in my hometown Amersfoort. It is built environmentally and energy friendly. The outside is cladded with paneling from locally produced birch wood which should last about 50 years. The exterior of the building is designed to let it blend with the surroundings. I imagine this works better in summer than in the winter conditions when I shot these images. I would have preferred snow on the ground and on the building but that was not to be although it was very cold.














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Interesting place , and nice images of it



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Very nice images, Luc. I love seeing these sorts of images - especially interiors (I have become hooked on the apartmenttherapy.com website house tours). 

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When can I move in ... 😲.. that is just beautiful !


cheers, Maurice

"Wild things are always faster"

from 'Two Dogs' by Philip Hodgins



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