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Path to the Beach

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A very inviting view. Wish I was there!



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Love the dynamic landscapes!  This particular image has some pleasantly mysterious atmosphere which I like very much.  I like the images of the rainbow eucalyptus and of three plovers (?), too.

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Guest Thomas Van Dyke

Superb compositional elements... rising diagonals combined with vanishing point perspective lend an aura of depth and three dimensional illusion... contrasting vivid color harmonies lift this vision entirely to the next level...


Would love to use this venue for a catalog swimwear shoot, albeit realize that a 20mm lens has created an aura of grandiose expansiveness... Have yet to use ultra wide for catalog however believe it would be an interesting challenge especially in such a fantastic locale...


Kudos for even stopping to capture this.... afraid I would have headed straight to the surf, sand, and sun... lol


Thank you for sharing....

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