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POTW #442 - Marco Lanciani

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Canadian rbsinto (is it Robert or Richard) captured this gloomy mood. It's a perfect visual representation of gloom having every bit of light and shadow in just the right place.  Shot on film, no less, and found here.




I don't normally get excited about photos of flowers but this fisheye contains enough other elements to make it into a surreal landscape.  From Alaska (despite my well known dislike for cold weather) and found here.



See my photography at http://ronscubadiver.wordpress.com/

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Dave Patterson's haiku


the rush into spring




Andrew Gryphon


Columbus zoo show cheetah






from the Df thread



Edited by Fons Baerken
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1.  Another sky, by Marco Lanciani, here


An imaginative take on the sun, beatiful colours, jewel like.





2.  Ron Scubadiver's Illustrated Man, here.  The glaring eye combined with the somewhat aggressive tattoos really make this image.  Not a man I would like to anger.



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  • Safarian

black and white week ... don't ask me why ,,,


#1 Ron Scubadiver from here



# Tony Oaten found here


Never mind the words ... just hum along and keep on going...

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Hard choices again.

What sticks out is "Another Sky" by Marco Lanciani:


It is puzzling and looks like a different reality!



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WOW! What a beautiful surprise. My first POTW!

I missed the post searching on "new content" and I couldn't believe to see my picture appear on Fotozones's home page after marking everything as read.


Thank you Anthony for the nomination and thank you Andreas for the selection.

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Well done Marco.

Mike Gorman


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Congrats Marco!  It's great to see my favorite image selected for POTW.

Edited by Akira

"The eye is blind if the mind is absent." - Confucius


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