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A series of photographs shot at Rick's Café in Negril/Jamaica, a trendy meeting place for both locals and tourists, built on a beautiful vantage point on the rocks. This place is in the top 10 of coolest bars in the world, and rightly so in my opinion. Yes it is touristy but there's a nice relaxed atmosphere.


Visitors drink a beer or cocktail, smoke a joint , listen to live reggae music, watch each other and those who dive or jump from relatively low (approximately 10m) or high (approximately 25m) height into the water. 


All this while you are presented with a beautiful sunset. In short, a must when you visit Jamaica.


Images shot with an Olympus E-M10 and Olympus 12-40mm f2.8. Please view large for best result.






































13. When the sun has set this terrace is almost exclusively again for the locals ...


Edited by Luc de Schepper
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It was much smaller when I was there, but I bet the vibes are the same. Once I ordered a rum and coke. It was 1/2 overproof rum (120 proof), 1/4 regular rum, and 1/4 coke. That drink lasted me most of the evening, or at least I think it did. I can't quite remember. :)

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There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept. - Ansel Adams

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What height did you jump from ?



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Thanks for sharing these Luc!


You captured the atmosphere very well with all the guys with the big bamboos and the gals looking for it :)


Makes me want to go back there some day ...


great shots!

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Never mind the words ... just hum along and keep on going...

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