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Michael Erlewine

LED Continuous Lights and Close-up Lenses

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I generally use natural light, and have, after trying it, not used flash much. In the last few years I have gotten into higher-end video (4K, 10-bit, ProRes, etc.) and gotten used to continuous light, including ARRI hot lights, various fluorescent banks, and most recently LED banks (with chimera), dimmers, and variable temperatures.


I am just beginning to experiment with LED continuous light at 5600k for still-camera use. I just bought the Ikan iLED312-V2 on-camera dual-color LED light, a small LED system, with dimmer and choice of light temperature. I am just a beginner in this arena, and wonder if any of you have looked into LED lights for close-up, macro, and so-on use? I have a ring-flash/continuous light, but am finding that a small bank of LED in the hot-shoe or on a small stand seems less cumbersome and more useful.


How close do LED lights come to being useable as daylight? What are the best brands and models?


I am getting my feet wet here and wonder if anyone else has more than their toe in the water? Let’s discuss this, if there is interest.



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