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Milky Way over Dovre mountains

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Guest davepaterson

I love the first of these.

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So do I. The house silouette with the lighted window makes the shot for me.

Never thought the thread could take this direction

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    • By armando_m
      Nearly 20 yrs ago I came to the Mexican Caribbean - Cancun - to spend a couple of weeks with my new wife
      This week we just spent a few days in Akumal, 100 kms south of Cancun, away from the commercial touristy locations.
      I rented an apartment ...
      <click to see them large>

      the view from the balcony

      the place has a wonderful little restaurant

      away from to much light pollution

      near the archeological location of Tulum

      After the crowds of Tulum took a detour to a secluded beach, the solitude was very welcome, I counted less than 10 people on the beach. This location was recommended by a guard than came to talk to me while I was doing some night shots at the beach, the guards are looking for turtles, if they see one depositing their eggs the location is marked and tagged, useful also to notify people walking on the sand, otherwise it's easy to step on the nest.

      A storm to the north, rain didn't reach our location

      a bit of fun

      Thanks for looking
    • By otoien
      These are from the last couple of weeks; it is a long time since I got the chance to capture these species. In Alaska, the undergrowth in the forests is dominated by horsetails in the spring time opposed to Scandinavia. Please click for larger versions.
      European wood anemone, Anemone nemorosa.
      This first one with the 10.5mm at f/5 on D5100:

      Then stop all the way down f/22 for the sun burst. This is not something I do often on the DX sensor. I was surprised how well the 10.5mm handled this:

      A different perspective with the 135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/3.2 on the AW1 at ISO 200 :

      105mm f/2.5 at f/6.3, also on the AW1:

      Two-some, 10.5mm @ f/14 on D5100

      Again 10.5mm @ f/22:

      Another with the 10.5mm @ f/22:

      105mm f/2.5 AIS @ f/2.8 on D5100:

      The 105mm f/2.5 AIS @ f/5.6 on AW1:

      If you look closely, there are two versions of mother and child inlcuded, 10.5mm @ f/8 on D5100:
      # 10:

      Enough nemorosa for today - dropped by a child,105mm f/2.5 AIS @ f/5.6 on AW1:

      Less abundant is the Anemone hepatica.
      AW1 with kit lens has nothing to be ashamed of @ 11mm f/6.3 :

      No spring in these areas without Tussilago farara, Colts foot.
      135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/4 on D5100:

      The Norwegian name "hestehov" translates to "horse hoof", so a horse must be included:
      135mm f/2.8 AIS at f/11:

      The real horse hoof included although the image is not as orderly as I like,
      135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/5.6:

      Then finally a couple of other signs of spring, both 135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/6.3 on AW1 at ISO 400 in challenging light:


    • By otoien
      To celebrate my newly chipped lenses shown here,
      I went out to capture a few quick Fairbanks street scenes today at -35°C. This is the first really cold weather this winter, with temperatures dipping to about -40°C - some places in Alaska have seen down towards -50°C over the last few days. (Images best viewed large, image data in EXIF).
      Smoke columns show up really well. Fortunately it is not cold enough for it to cause dense ice fog. Exposure got on the hot side, so I may need to check adjustment of the aperture lever on the 135mm f/2.8 AI-S lens (now -P) :

      Street Scenes, first with 28mm f/2.8 AI-S (now P):

      Then with 135mm:

      All bundled up in good clothing (135mm is handy across the street):

      A couple walking along the same street, but something does not seem right here. Can you spot it?

      Right, thin sneakers as footwear, bare hands, and no mittens or gloves in sight for the male. What are they up to, and how long before he freezes off his fingers?
      Ahh, selfie of course. This is Fairbanks' most photographed sign. Perhaps also making a live broadcast?

      Dwindling light at the Museum of the North:


      And finally  the view from there:

    • Guest Patrick Pedersen
      By Guest Patrick Pedersen
      I often think that the given light can play a more important role than the place itself.

      This is about 200 meters down the river on the above shots, 2014.

      And a newly edited shot from 2011, with my beloved and deeply missed D2X.
      "Moon Over Sea"

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