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Unusual snow in Tokyo


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Before dawn, it started snowing here in Tokyo, and it doesn't seem to stop.  Here's a view from my room.  

Dave, I would appreciate any suggestions.  This is a revised version on your suggestion.  It is an easy edit simply by clicking on the snow covering the branch with the white point in CNX2.  I'm not s

Elsa, needless to say, there are many other reason not to move...

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Ron Scubadiver

Last week there was a winter storm that shut down normally warm Atlanta for a few days.  Children were stranded at school, some for two days.  Natural gas which seemed like it was in limitless supply is experiencing spot shortages.  Several US cities have run out of salt to put on the roads.  

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Guest Elsa Hoffmann

Salt?? omg you Americans are weird. We eat our salt.


Akira - I was told that Sushi in Japa was much more bland than what we get i our restaurants - in other words we dont get the "real original" sushi and that ours is spruced up so we can like it too.

I kind of like the idea of (more) plain sushi and less of the stuff that goes in as fillings.

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Elsa, the sushi in Japan should be more simple and straightforward: we simply put slices of raw fish on the small rice balls.  That's it!


That said, I'm not brag about the "authenticity".  The food can and should be arranged to the taste of the local people using what is available.

"The eye is blind if the mind is absent." - Confucius


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In North America this winter is the coldest in 20 years.  It appears to be cold elsewhere.  The so called climate scientists say this is a local anomaly and that the world is very hot, but it seems the hottest places are sparsely inhabited, like central Australia.  All I know is how cold it is in Houston. 


We just had our warmest January ever by far in northern and central California, and until a couple of weeks ago Alaska was extremely warm for this time of year and often warmer than much of the central US.   There was a persistent glitch in the atmospheric circulation pattern that sent warm air north over the eastern Pacific and the west coast of North America, while unusually cold air went far south in the middle and eastern part of the country.

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Elsa, I'm pretty sure Ron was referring to "Rock Salt"and you wouldn't want to put that on yer chips!

Mike Gorman


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Elsa, I'm pretty sure Ron was referring to "Rock Salt"and you wouldn't want to put that on yer chips!

:) she might be stirring S... as she did in a separate thread 



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