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Guest Patrick Pedersen

Right in front of me the whole time...

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Guest Patrick Pedersen

Lately after I borrowed a IR converted D40X I've rarely left home without it. The manual focused Nikkor 50 f/2 (non ai though) fits the camera very well, concerning both size and weight, and is one of my favorite  lenses for IR. Beautiful sharp and no obvious hot spots on neither wide open or stopped down.


I thought the edit part were something I didn't quite get the hang of, I didn't get to "release" as much colour as I wanted to, and as usual things who's right in front of my nose the whole time I have a strong tendency to overlook...   (Found it now though..)  :-)




A little selfie in the water..








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    • By Greg Drawbaugh
      I have a spare micro 4/3 body that no longer sees service, a Panasonic GX-7.  I was looking at having it converted to an IR camera by https://www.lifepixel.com/  Does anyone else have any experience with a converted Micro 4/3 body and lenses shooting IR?  Which conversion do you go with, the standard IR?  My goal is to have some fun and explore an area of photography I have never tried before, and the redundant body with little resale value seemed like a good choice to try?
    • Guest Alaun
      By Guest Alaun
      Taken with D200IR with 7x0 nm filter

    • Guest Patrick Pedersen
      By Guest Patrick Pedersen
      I often think that the given light can play a more important role than the place itself.

      This is about 200 meters down the river on the above shots, 2014.

      And a newly edited shot from 2011, with my beloved and deeply missed D2X.
      "Moon Over Sea"

    • Guest Patrick Pedersen
      By Guest Patrick Pedersen
      I'm surrounded by people who really wants to help me get established as a Nature and Landscape Photographer, and without their help I wouldn't have a chance..
      A couple of weeks ago I was given another golden opportunity of a very nice gentleman, I was given the chance of a "cheap" Nikon 300 2.8 VR.. Which I of course took..

      I'm so happy with the lens, can't find words to describe how happy I am right now, just waiting for money enough to buy a TC, 1.7x I was thinking! Then I'm ready to go photograph animals and so much other stuff I've been longing for.
      But, (there's always a "but"), there's a small issue I'm wondering about; When the AF is on and the lens is turning from the closest to the farest, I can hear a tiny "squeak", a little "beep" is sounding, it really sounds like it's something dry inside and could use a drop of oil or something. Anybody else in here who has had the same issue??
      To take the lens into service, money won't allow right now..
      Have a great day you all!! :-)
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