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Yonder visible(ish)

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Two giant sisters were in Stavanger today; Queen Mary 2 & Queen Elizabeth. Funny how they reflect their hulls differently despite being the same colour. The second image is my preferred version though.

The third is also one I like, but I realise it is not to everyone's taste.

The tulip was swaying in the wind outside my front door. Poor thing is still longing back to the summer days we had last weekend. Now we're back to +10C and showers  :wild:





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The others do not work for me but I love the third one :)

+10C and showers sounds familiar ...

Never mind the words ... just hum along and keep on going...

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Guest jakov.nl

the flower is nice, and if you could only change the colour so that differs from the background...

but then again, i'm in love, don't listen to me!

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I like the stark graphic quality of the first three  images.  The glowing quality of the light in the fourth, tulip, image is very effective. The style of the tulip image is so different than the prior three it is quite a perceptual shift.

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