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Couple of gulls

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These are two lunch captures with the D800 and Siggy 150-500/5.6-6.3 OS.

The lens was given to me for free due to the fact that it had experienced drowning in fresh water and was full of grit and dirt and really didn't work.

So I took it home, tried it out and sure enough it was plagued with poor performance.

In a state of silliness, I left it on the coffee table with the intention of operating the innards a bit the next day.

Shouldn't have left it there.

The woman I live with moved the table and the camera/lens fell to the floor, the lens snapped in two.

I thought that was that.

But I couldn't give up so I opened up the already opened up lens and with epoxy and some tools I managed to return it to operational state.

Wonder how long it will last me...

First one shot at 500mm, f/8 and the second one at 500mm, f/6.3.



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No1 is superb, it is doing what seagulls do best making a great big racket :D

Mike Gorman


Lumix G9 , GX8 - Leica 12, 15, 20, 25, 42.5 - 8-18, 12-35, 12-60, 35-100, 45-175



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The lens that wouldn't die. Nice results from a distressed lens.

There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept. - Ansel Adams

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