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    • By Kyle
      So over a month ago I vowed to "post more" from my mountain trip....one fixed keyboard later and a new CPU, here I am. Enjoy. 

    • By armando_m
      Young pregnant mother , struggling under water to get a nice shot , all with the intention to keep a nice memory of this period in her life
      I was afraid of not getting good images, but things did work out
      Here is a SOOC image , after seeing this she repeatedly asked if I could fix it, and I replied "sure", I probably didn't sound to convincing as she kept asking

      Edited / cropped

      A few blurry patches maybe due to the plastic container I used, plus she used lotion to block the sun and it soon created a film which attached to the surface of my container , I had to remember to wipe it underwater every time I used it
    • By armando_m
      click up please

      Cropped to 8x10
      Thanks for looking
    • By armando_m
      Crop to 8x10 and cloned out a couple of people on the left side of the frame
      please clickup

      Thanks for looking
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