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Last Roll of Kodachrome shot on Nikon F5 by National Geographic's Steve McCurry

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The Last Roll of Kodachrome - shot by 30-year National Geographic master photographer Steve McCurry (a Nikon-guy to the last), photographer of The Afghan Girl - Sharbat Gula, and thousands of other iconic photographs: great mini-documentary capturing the end of an era as he traveled the world to shoot the very last roll of Kodachrome produced - slide stock he had been shooting for National Geographic since the beginning of his career (a catalog of 800,000+ images): a six-week, 36,000km (22,400 miles) world-wide journey of discovery, respect, reflection - and superb captures... on one roll of film... a lot of pressure: 36 iconic images, one roll of film - no re-takes. Poignant, special documentary - well worth the time.

Video / Documentary - [media=]


The Last Roll: all 36 shots, from the very last roll of Kodachrome - by one of the best. A wonderful journey: thank you, Steve McCurry - who retired in December, and Kodak... nearing retirement -


The Afghan Girl (Nat Geo cover) -http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/ba/Sharbat_Gula_on_National_Geographic_cover.jpg/220px-Sharbat_Gula_on_National_Geographic_cover.jpg

McCurry's Indian Galleries - http://www.slideshar...galleries-india

His African Galleries - http://www.slideshar...alleries-africa

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It's kind of a strange story. I am familiar with McCurry's work in a special sort of way. He lives in Austin, not that far from here and had local gallery representation so I have had a chance to view his work as prints, the way it should be enjoyed. He even gave a talk in a local gallery that I attended.

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Wonderful - thanks for sharing, Ron. Hope we get to see his work in print: next trip to Houston (wifey is from Houston and we married there) we'll have to hope he has some work showing in Austin or thereabouts - it would certainly be worth the drive. If you haven't been yet: the Elisabet Ney Museum and Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin are both very special - love that city, and Houston.

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