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Abstract Forest - or simply "unreal"?

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What is abstract? Does every photo contain a degree of the abstract e.g. because it is only two-dimensional? Or black&white? Well these are questions that I try to deal with in my blog rotomerge.blogspot.com.

The following image of a forest in the snow does not only contain abstractification by mapping 3D to a two-dimensional viewing space and taking all color (or at least what little was left there) away but also did some heavy post-processing to give the forest a ghostlike appearance: It's like looking at an X-Ray...


Ghost Wood 63200 by Tom

Edited by Tom

Thomas (moderator and lens-tester at Camera Labs)
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Guest nfoto

Doesn't look very abstract to my eyes - more like an easily identifiable b/w forest ?

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In my eyes there is some degree of abstractness if you force yourself to look at specific crops that exclude all the background context and focus only in the foreground. In the current crop though there is just too much relevant context information. So just for argument's sake, yes I can recognize some degree of abstractness in every picture for reasons similar to the ones you describe (e.g 3-D to 2-D projection, loss of color information etc) but that would put the discussion into a more definitional/philosophical realm rather than place it at what's commonly understood as "abstract photography" by a large number of people nowadays.


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