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Last year I participated in Joe's PAW challenge and found it a demanding but rewarding experience creating 52 infrared images.
Fon's has taken over and has a inspirational collective weekly challenge running.
Olivier one of the photographers I most admire here has a wonderful 52 week portrait thread inspired by the PAW challenge.

This thread is intended to commit me to post 52 images of my home town in 2013.






I will complete this project off site.... I give my sincere thanks to everyone who has commented on the images.


Your support has been invaluable to me, and very much appreciated, thank you one and all.



Best Regards




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Feels like taken straight from a film noir movie.

Good catch.



"Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious" - Oscar Wilde

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

Arca plates compatibility matrix // sRGB clipping sucks and Adobe RGB is just as bad // Images on images.afximages.com

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Feels like taken straight from a film noir movie.

Good catch.



This does remind me of a scene from a 1950's mystery/crime movie. Nicely done.

There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept. - Ansel Adams

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Two very nice captures. Both evoke a sense of tension in their own way.



I care about picture quality, not pixel quality. - Jay Maisel

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Guest olivier

Bez, I do not feel this sensation of "sinister" in the first shot, maybe the background is too light and finally reinsuring for me?

I do however have a strong urge to move back when I see the second shot... This works wery well...

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  • Safarian
Chris Wahl

Nice work Bez ... both ... images and conversion

Interesting, how you perceive your hometown :)

Looking forward to the other 49 images!

Never mind the words ... just hum along and keep on going...

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Hey RC just checked in again & saw the new images.

I really like #2, #3 is great timing (actually great timing for both).

Capturing motion within a urban context is unique

Patience in practice , well done.

Have you ever tried downtown urbanscape panos?

Usually shot from outside in, these would be urban street shots from within

I haven't but going to give it a try in a few weeks


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