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Marco Lanciani

Experimenting with Composition 1

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The third one - because the placement of the plant on the lower right balances things. There is a nice flow within the scene.

You could also find a nice square crop here by omitting the plant completely. The scene becomes simpler and the downward angle is emphasized for good dynamics.

The 2nd one feels unpleasantly unbalanced. The 1st one also, but not as much as the 2nd one.

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I like them both - the 1st and the cropped 1st. "-)

The geometric masses in the cropped version are nice, and the photo feels 'lighter' somehow.

The plant seems "missing" to you perhaps because you made the photo and expect it to be there?

I don't have any expectations about the plant, so don't miss it. :D

Oh, who knows?

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After a while I got back to the same point and not only the light changed, which I like better now; also the composition is quite changed. I refer to those sort of two leading lines starting from the plant that brings the eye far in the distance giving the image some dynamic.



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