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  2. Dallas

    Happy dog

    Very sharp action shot! Thanks for sharing, Aguinaldo.
  3. atpaula

    Happy dog

    Thank you for looking.
  4. Where's everybody? Deceased? Comatose? Catatonic? Lost a critical limb? Would love to see some posts! 

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    2. Dallas


      I'll make a video on how easy this is. 

    3. Dallas


      Or you could splurge $2,95 a month to add the permission.

    4. vivionm


      It was part of my Life Membership, which I paid for.

      Why should I pay for it twice?

  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks Mike. I have watched a few already. To be honest, I don't like this fella's style of video, but I will give him another chance.
  7. Dallas, take a look at David Thorpe's video re the G9, especially the cars on a suburban road!
  8. Getting back on topic here, I'm now having a very close look at the G9, which appears to be a fair whack less expensive than the GH5 here. It pretty much offers the kind of video functionality that I need too - studio only. The only thing I might be a little concerned about is the AF should I want to use it as a stills camera. So many choices!
  9. We won't talk about cricket on the sub continent when it comes to massacres...
  10. I draw the line at them, Mike!
  11. Yes I know the despicable habits of you Mattal Europeans, another awful prospect is eating raw pickled herrings! YUK
  12. Of course, youse in England have a tendency to sprinkle malt vinegar on your fish and chips, whereas here in Mittal Europa we prefer wine vinegar. If I put vinegar on my chips here people would recoil in horror. The standard condiment for chips here is mayonnaise.
  13. I have no idea where the word “vinegar” came from! I’m sure it was meant to say “ growing in the background”. How it got from growing in the background to vinegar don’t know but I blame Mr Tim Cook of Apple. 🍎 Damned auto correction to blame here methinks! And yes I am partial to the odd glass of Piesporter? Off to do a bit of correction now!
  14. The English word "vinegar" comes from the French "vin aigre" = "sour wine".
  15. It's only a game. Ireland massacred by New Zealand. Sigh.
  16. Come come Mike. German Mosel wines are not THAT bad.
  17. Last week
  18. Self explanatory sign! with the prospect of a glass of wine growing in the background. 😎 G9 + Panasonic 35-100mm @ 1/500 f4 ISO200.
  19. You're right, Mike. I was hoping that Man United would flick Liverpool off theor perch again yesterday, but that little bugger Llalana ruined an otherwise excellent day. I have a feeling that England may beat the AB's in their semi, but could come up short in the final if they play us. If it's the AB's and the Boks in the final it's going to be very, very close. We've had the measure of them this year, apart from the opener in this tournament. But first Wales...
  20. It’s no good living on past victories, believe me I know!
  21. Dallas

    Welcome James! I look forward to seeing your photos and posts here. We share a couple of the same photographic interests in wildlife, motorsport and architecture. :) 

  22. Yesterday's QF is the only game I have watched in the tournament so far, but it's really good to see that other nations are making inroads into the top tiers now. If SA manage to beat Wales we could have a very interesting final against either NZ or England, both of whom we have beaten in World Cup finals before. God knows we could use something to cheer about in these parts again, what with the way politicians here have torn our country to shreds... I don't really use the old 4/3 lenses on anything but safaris these days and in reality I only have the 50-200/2.8-3.5 and an old 50/2.0 macro left. I sold the rest, so all my main lenses will be fine for use on the GH5, should I find myself going that way.
  23. Thank you for looking.
  24. Dallas, no worry about the rugby! Being one of the best eight was a big achievement for us. Leaving some room for the growth is not necessarily a bad thing. I wish the victory of the SA team! By the way, if you still use the lenses for the original 4/3 DSLRs, the new E-M5 Mk III can be (much) better than GH5 at least in terms of AF. Panasonic has totally ignored the PDAF. so the AF performance of your workhorse lenses will be affected.
  25. A friend of mine wrote the software for the engine management programme of the Rolls Royce Trent jet engine. Quite complicated, she said it was.
  26. Spot on, Akira. Had they been using the same batteries as the original E-M5 and E-M1 it may have been a contender, purely on price, but that small battery will be an achilles heel for anybody looking to use it professionally. I have to think hard about the GH5 because it's a lot of money for me to outlay right now, plus it will require a computer upgrade too. My old 2012 iMac is battling with editing multicam 1080p in Davinci Resolve, so if I was to shoot 4K I am sure there will be some smoke coming out of it before too long! A new 27" iMac 5K is crazy money here, so I am looking at a 2015 model I can get for about half the price of a new one. I might actually look at building a Hackintosh if I can find all the right parts. P.S. sorry about the rugby today. The Blossoms have done themselves proud in this World Cup - I was half expecting them to topple the Boks again, but I think they just ran out of gas at the end.
  27. Thanks Vivion. Lots of parts on that engine, makes you wonder how it all keeps functioning on the ground and especially at high attitude in freezing temperatures!
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