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  2. vivionm

    Big Bash

    I like them all. Cricket: Two people play, the others mostly just stand around wait for the ball to come their way. Everything stops for afternoon tea.
  3. Dallas

    Big Bash

    Really good, Chris. I like the second one a lot.
  4. crowecg

    Big Bash

    Last night we took a trip to the cricket. As I didn't take a big bag of gear, the game itself wasn't much of a photo opportunity. Export-0 The journey home provided more photo opportunities. Exit Stair case leaving the stadium Footbridge (I think I may have shot this one before - can't remember if it was day or night). Monague St Flyover - I've definitely shot several around here, but this might be a new angle! All shot Fuji X-E3 with 27 f/2.8
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hugh, what prompted me was lock ups, freezes and sudden factory resets for no reason of my X-T2 + X-H1. Plus the lack of response or acknowledgement from Fuji regarding these problems. Also the way the lenses were inconsistent in the way the lens controls such as aperture ring inconsistent feel! Higher battery performance of the Panasonic And so I splashed out on a Lumix G9 + PL 12-60mm lens. To my eyes the G9 in the hand beat the X-H1 hands down, and I don’t see any difference in the IQ. I don’t do video at all, and there are a number of little points such as a superior IBIS functions and a viewfinder to die for. Also I prefer the 4*3 format, and the size of the optics is generally smaller although not necessarily cheaper. Focusing is equally as quick as Fuji cameras and more versatile in the AF options available! The bits and pieces were the last knockings of my Fuji gear, and all I have left now are the 16mm + 23mm Fuji square metal lens hoods! YMMV
  7. rbsinto

    Johnny and friends

    Dallas, Thanks for the comment. I'll see what I can do to open the shadows. Robert
  8. Vieri

    Poggio Covili sunrise, Tuscany

    A serene and spectacular sunrise at Poggio Covili, created during a Workshop One-on-One I led in Tuscany (Italy) in November 2017. Leica SL, Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280 and the wonderful Formatt Hitech Filters. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  9. Dallas

    Johnny and friends

    The shadows are a bit too dark, but I like it.
  10. Hugh_3170

    For Sale a selection of Fujifilm components

    Hi Mike, I am curious as to what triggered your move from the Fuji APS-C sized cameras to M43? Was it weight considerations or maybe other interests such as better video capabilities? Cheers, Hugh.
  11. Last week
  12. rbsinto

    Johnny and friends

    Taken a few years ago during a street festival in the Little Italy District here in Toronto. Johnny Lombardi was an Italian-Canadian multi-cultural broadcasting pioneer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Lombardi Among the various honours he received during his lifetime, was the city erecting a bronze statue of him in the heart of Little Italy. During a festival I passed by the statue and noticed this humous scene of Johnny and some of his friends and took this shot. Nikon S3 rangefinder Cosina Voigtlander 25 f4 in Nikon s mount manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide probably about 5.6 @ 1/125th
  13. This sale is now cancelled!
  14. Mike G

    iPhone Upgrades - Xs or 8 Plus?

    I have been using an iPhone X for about a year now. Go for it is my advice! You don’t have to use the face recognition if you don’t want to, but I like it that the face recognition works even when wearing winter clothes. I’ve tried face rec on some friends and family members with no problems, not missed a beat yet! 👌
  15. In a few months time my cellphone contract is up for renewal and I am contemplating which iPhone model would be better to upgrade to. Currently I am using the 7 Plus 128GB and honestly, it has been the best phone I ever had. It does everything I need it to do and it hasn't given me a days problem (touching wood as I type). I use it mostly to navigate to my various RE jobs and also for general news reading and instant messaging. Not forgetting to make phone calls with. Oh, and I like the dual cameras a lot. When they announced the iPhone X I wasn't sold on the concept at all. I don't like the idea of face ID to unlock the phone and the notch in the screen will probably deeply upset my sense of aesthetics. I handled a few different models in the iStore today and after looking at the price difference between the 8 Plus and the Xs, I have to say that I just don't see any value in spending so much more on a phone that only really offers a better screen and camera. The 8Plus is about half the monthly cost of the Xs here in SA. The Xs Max is stupidly expensive to buy outright - literally about 40% of what I paid for my 2007 Hyundai Tucson last month. Storage wise the 128GB has been more than enough for me. I am using about 50GB of storage at the moment and I don't think there is any risk of me running out of space, unless I decide to start recording a lot of 4K video. It's therefore very annoying to see that the Xs only offers 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage options. Why no 128GB? Do you have an iPhone X? What's your take on it and do you think it's worth the significantly bigger price tag than the 8 Plus? I know there are three new models coming later in the year, so I might hold off on upgrading for a few months, but then again, living on the bleeding edge isn't my thing.
  16. rbsinto

    Who knew they had a dress code?

    Dallas, Bill, Hugh, Thank you for commenting. I was immediately amused when I saw the scene and had to take the shot. Robert
  17. I have decided to reintroduce a general gear classifieds boards for members who would like to sell items to other members of the community. Rules As was the case previously, this board is used at your own risk and neither Fotozones nor any of its owners, contributors and moderators are responsible for any transaction or possible loss that may be experienced by users of this platform. Posts may only be made by members who have purchased a subscription to the site (or who have a Life membership from the Nikongear days). Please make sure that you include your location, a price and preferred means of payment, as well as currency. You may not use this board for any commercial sales. Items must be in your possession and you may not advertise on behalf of anybody else. Happy trading!
  18. GB111


  19. GB111


    Yep, decent article. Seems the author applies an old issue (which still applies) to a different situation, really: what do you put in the 'foreground?' He uses a city as an example, but there are so many excellent shots out there of beautiful mountains, etc. that lack a foreground subject. I used to joke with a friend that I need to find a model who will follow me around out there for that.
  20. Dallas


    I enjoyed that (and I agree with his assessment).
  21. Dallas

    Under The Dome

    Thanks Chris. Designing houses and floor plans was a favourite pastime when I was still in my teens and partly into my 20's. A poor (and I'm still convinced erroneous) exam mark in my last term of high school grade 9 Technical Drawing saw me drop the subject in favour of History. Had I continued with TD I think I might well have followed the path of designer or perhaps even architecture. Good design is something I appreciate immensely.
  22. crowecg


    There was an interesting post that fits into this discussion at TOP. https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2019/01/the-biggest-flaw-i-see-in-other-photographers-pictures.html
  23. crowecg

    I'm Going With Flickr Pro

    I've been giving this some thought too as I am hovering around 900 images. I could perhaps just clear out some older ones to keep under 1000 or move over and make better use of it as an online image backup. As you say, it is quite a reasonable price for cloud storage.
  24. crowecg

    Under The Dome

    You are certainly getting your eye in for architectural photos.
  25. GB111

    up close

    A subtle but very 3d look here. I like it and think it would look good printed large. The leaves almost look like paper. The bulb (if that is the right terminology) is indeed placed very well. Gb
  26. Hugh_3170

    Who knew they had a dress code?

    Robert - well spotted. Incongruity is yet another trigger for humour. ☺️
  27. BillM

    Who knew they had a dress code?

    It is a concept 😊
  28. Mexecutioner

    Post Reactions

    I can't believe people lose their sh*t about stuff like this. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything, we are just being given more options to keep up with the current reality of the world we live in.
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    • Proposed Safari To Phinda Private Game Reserve
      A few previous safarians have asked me about Phinda Private Game Reserve, so I'm planning a week long stay there for May/June 2020, maybe even earlier if there is enough interest. This will be an exclusive photographic safari and it will be limited to a maximum of 6 guests at the Phinda Homestead, which is a quite spectacular private villa in the reserve.
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    • I'm Going With Flickr Pro
      Ever since Smugmug bought them last year I have been receiving a string of emails advising me that I need to upgrade to Flickr Pro or else I will risk losing a large chuck of my photos stored there because from next month free accounts will be limited to only 1000 photos.
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    • POTW #2.12 Spidey
      Ed's note: What's most remarkable about this shot from @Alan7140 isn't so much the sharpness, it's that it is a focus stack made hand-held! Great image originally posted here. 
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