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  2. It is an excellent capture, but I wonder how it would look with a little color (was it desaturated, or just a very overcast day that eliminated the color?). Either way, I would play with adding color, as an artistic expt. Note that according to a fellow presenting on compositing, this is often the way compositers do it because it is too hard to adjust the colors of the different images to look the same, so they just desat and add color in from scratch. Gb
  3. We all have the assumption that Niki Lauda was indestructible. He was so voluntary in his way of resurrecting in many different situations. And he was sincere and direct to the point when he was talking. Independant, contreversial, systematic and a true racing champion!
  4. Now it's just Lightroom Classic. Makes sense finally. One thing that they are not introducing into Lr is the ability to do local colour adjustments via a mask. We can do everything else except change saturation, luminance and hue via a local adjustment brushed in, but if you want to tone down (say) blues in one part of the image only you can't. You have to do that via a colour selection tool which is very hidden and doesn't work as well. Pity.
  5. vivionm


    I have visited Lelystad twice, on one occasion getting a conducted tour of the restoration hangar. I will try to dig up my shots from there.
  6. Another great series Aguinaldo - thank you for sharing these with us. These images remind me that these are unforgiving peaks and this season they have already claimed more lives.
  7. Last week
  8. From my 2014 trek. Thank you for looking. 1 Ama Dablan 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Everest 10 Everest
  9. GB111


    Dallas, SF does lie on a fault, and so does LA, etc. San Diego also has a fault that runs through the most exp part of the town (La Jolla). Crazy for sure, but perhaps this adds an air of 'live now' philosophy?
  10. Very interesting points raised in this thread. Something else that I have to be mindful of as I plot a path to the future of my tech, is that of the screens I am using. Right now I am blissfully using 3 x 27" Apple screens, two of which are Thunderbolt daisy chained to the old iMac. A new iMac will necessitate adapters to keep those screens working and of course there might be more bottleneck issues with those, especially if I have other peripheral devices attached to them. I really don't like the way Apple is going these days. New hardware is not only crazy expensive, but it is increasingly designed towards steering us away from local storage and into the cloud. I can see why - more revenue for them in storage rental. Very annoying.
  11. Sure, but it will work, despite of the different connector, right? It will work at 480Mbps on USB2 machines, 5Gbps on USB 3 machines and 10Gbps on USB-C machines. In this case the limiting factor is the 7200RPM drive inside of the case which will not saturate the link bandwidth regardless of the machine it is attached to. For many, adding 10 or 12TB of SSD storage is cost prohibitive, so the spinning disks will still play a role for some time. Just an interesting fact: the USB 3 10TB drive costs exactly the same as the 10TB USB-C. As always the potential buyer will have to determine if it is worth it or not. Personally I don't keep buying old technology for the same price of the current one when there is 100% backwards compatibility. I don't think they even make these in USB 2 any more. So if both cost the same, work exactly the same on a 2012 iMac, does it make sense to buy the old or the new interface?
  12. atpaula

    Beach 105mm f/1.4

    Nikon Z6 & 105mm f/1.4. Thank you for looking.
  13. Sure they will work, but they will be speed limited by the USB connection on the iMac. Whether future proofing will be worth the price depends on how long the iMac will be in use. There is also the issue of whether the extra speed will be worthwhile for Dallas' use when he eventually replaces the iMac. For normal still photography I do not see any real advantage.
  14. Dallas


    So this morning I handled a Nikon Z6 with a 24-70/4.0 lens for the first time. Very nice camera! The AF was pretty fast and the EVF was nice, but I was expecting it to be a little brighter. Could just have been the way the camera was set up. Extremely expensive in Rands! 😬
  15. Dallas


    Kind of weird that, seeing as SF is located on a fault that could swallow them all into the ground at any time. But then again, humans are a curious species...
  16. GB111


    Thanks guys, I also feel that the ship adds to the shot, rather than hurts it (some may feel the opposite). I didn't realize that there are many such classic vistas on the north end of the bridge, an area they call Salsalito. There are several roads you can take off the main one to mountain tops, each w/ their own unique (though familiar) angle (you see these shots on postcards, etc., so nothing is really unique). The area is extremely windy, and it's hard to believe they don't have windmills, which makes photography a little more challenging. Below is a pic of the homes around the small village of Salsalito, they are all extremely expensive as the SF Bay area is the least affordable in the USA.
  17. vivionm


    I concur. Lovely shot.
  18. Luc de Schepper


    A classic view (and processing😉). I like the ship which adds scale. Well captured!
  19. Wanted to shoot snails for some time they keep moving Appreciate any suggestions
  20. An excellent image, great composition with inclusion of a supporting element (the signpost) which adds meaning to the main subject and theme. The image is imo strong enough to warrant a 3:2 crop.
  21. Greg Drawbaugh


    If Adobe would add the Patch Tool to Lightroom I would have little need to work in Photoshop. I concur with Dallas, as I do almost 100% of my work in Lightroom and only use Photoshop for its excellent content-aware tools for touch up work. In the end, $10 USD is a bargain for both programs IMHO.
  22. Strangers on a train - If memory serves me well a Hitchcock film?
  23. [reposted for those who don't get the emails] It's been a while since I wrote to you all and I really must apologise for treating you so poorly! Know however that Fotozones is always on my mind, even when a million other things are demanding my time and attention. Somebody once told me that life gets busier the older you get and I guess for me I am finding this out first hand. I am photographing dozens of houses every week these days, plus I also still get the occasional assignment that pulls me away from a computer for at least a day. So yes indeed, for me times are busy, busy, busy! I believe for the first time ever in my career as a photographer I am actually truly enjoying what I am doing (if you didn't already know this I am kind of a slow study). The trouble with being a professional photographer is that you can easily get burnout and the net result of this is that the thing you were once passionate about becomes a chore in your mind, which in turn leads to lethargy when it comes to enjoying photography for yourself again. I've been in this situation loads of times and honestly it gets me worried because I need to be passionate about things. This is why I have steered Fotozones into the less paced, albeit more rewarding area of being a community specifically for recreational photographers, that is you guys and gals who get out there and enjoy actually playing with the gear we all (mostly) obsess over. I love coming to my computer first thing in the morning and seeing the photos that our members share from all over the world. It reminds me that there are still very good reasons to get off my butt and go and make some photos for myself. Well, speaking of that in just over a month's time I'm going on safari again! I can't tell you all just how excited I am about this one. It's the first safari I have organised entirely on my own and I am champing at the bit to get into the Sabi Sands game reserve to go and enjoy the wonderful nature we have access to here in South Africa (along with old and new friends I have made on Fotozones). I may also be going there with an Olympus E-M1X to try out. I have been in touch with our local agents and they have said they will supply me with a loan unit, so I am going to be able to see for myself (and of course report back to you all) just how far things have come in the Micro Four Thirds world since I got my original E-M1 in 2014. Can't wait! Of course I will be writing more about the safari and reliving my past safaris on Fotozones for you all to enjoy. I've written most of part 4 of the 10 Years Of Safaris series, but need to polish it up and select some new, never published before photos from that epic trip we did in 2013. Stay tuned. Right, Saturday morning beckons, so I must leave again, but before I do, please remember that if you haven't logged into your Fotozones account in the past three years you need to do so before the end of June otherwise you will lose the account. This is the second round of dormant account culling that I will be doing. Hate to lose members, but I need to keep Fotozones focussed and compliant with all these new laws. Til next time, take care!
  24. waltonksm

    Pileated Woodpecker

    I just saw this. I read your description before I scrolled down to the photo. So I was expecting " Overcast and flat light." Instead I saw a very nice shot. There is certainly nothing wrong with this shot. I like it. Walton
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    • Motocross
      Last Sunday I shot some Motocross at Canada Heights in Kent.  Here are some of the results.
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    • Pileated Woodpecker
      Finally!  I got a picture of a Pileated Woodpecker from our deck.  Overcast and flat light, but for once the bird stuck around long enough for me to catch it in a fleeting perch on a dead branch.
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    • Cubanitas With The Fujifilm X-T20
      The Cayo Largo Island has been (and still is) a frequent destination for recharging your frozen batteries affected by our long Canadian winter season.
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