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  2. BMW

    Ann: Many thanks for the link to your PDF. Hopefully Delkin or Flipbak will eventually release a D5 compatible version of their product. Anthony: Me too. I have an Oympus OMD E-M1 and I have often used its LCD in "flip mode". As well as the convenience for waist or low level shots, its flippable screen also facilitates above head shots from within crowds or to simply get a better viewpoint.
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  4. Hehe.... Luc touched a nerve... I'm with those that don't appreciate large ships (although not as expressive about it) and not the ocean... I prefer riverboats to destinations that suggest you bring your own toilet paper Rags
  5. What I was alluding to is that from my point of view at least, your photo has been extremely successful!
  6. No, not a Lightroom user.
  7. BMW

    I have to agree that the flippable LCD is a huge advance in utility.
  8. Thank you Luc.
  9. You certainly captured a most eye-catching and dramatic shot of the Ventura. Unfortunately these cruise ships are now colossal and carry a population the size of that of a small city so when they disgorge all those passengers at once in a small port, it certainly puts some strain on the local population. My only experience of a long sea voyage was on this previously luxurious Cunarder. Before WWII, the RMS Samaria had been a star in Cunard's cruse-ship line but in July 1945 she was still fitted out as a Troop Carrier (as she was still on loan to the Royal Navy) so a first-class cabin now contained 3 stacks of double banked Bunks and we had no choice but to find ourselves sharing a very small cabin with complete strangers. There was no swimming pool but the crew did their very best to provide entertainment including throwing a Childrens Party when we were all given a balloon (they were grey Weather Balloons but that didn't matter). Otherwise the long trip was interspersed with frequent Lifeboat Drills because the War was not completely over so there was still the very real danger of both mines or even torpedoes. During the first of these Drills, one little girl was heard to remark brightly: "Last time we did this, the ship went down" which was very encouraging! (She was one of the only 13 children who had survived the sinking of the SS City of Benares.) One big disappointment was rushing on deck in the rain early one morning (while wearing only my pyjamas!) because I had over-heard someone say that "You can see Whales this morning". Unfortunately there was not a single Whale to be seen but only the misty smudge of Wales on the distant horizon.
  10. BMW

    Hugh: You have an astonishing memory because I originally posted this PDF back in 2010! Reflex Viewfinder.pdf (Click the Link to download the PDF to your computer.) While my reflex Viewfinder works well on the D3 series, I unfortunately cannot make an upgrade for my D5 because neither Delkin nor Flipbak make their devices big enough to fit the larger LCD on the back of the D5.
  11. I like it a lot Fons. Great subject, composition and excellent choice for b&w.
  12. I respect your opinion Alan. My point is not about receiving Likes on images. My comment was triggered by consecutive comments on the horrors of cruise ships. Anyway it's not a big deal for me, everyone is entitled to have an opinion and express that.
  13. BMW

    Ann, I cannot locate the link where you show your waist level viewing gadget that you created for your D3 DSLR - it was quite some time ago now. IIRC, it featured a mirror mounted at 45 degrees to the LCD screen and it was attached with tape or Velco. I think that I saw it on this site somewhere.
  14. Personally speaking, I get more from my photos sparking oblique comment on other matters that the image may stir up than some comment regarding it being a nice - or not nice, as the case may be - photo.
  15. Sorry Luc yes it is a super image, but I and others have become accustomed to your extremely competent images, so that might explain the commenting upon the image content. As another aside I'm crestfallen that a British company goes to Italy to have a ship constructed, it's not as if the British shipyards have no experience of ship design and construction! Accountantcy in action I presume!
  16. April 30 Victor Df, Nikkor-S Auto 55mm f/1.2
  17. There are a couple of stations between Flinders St and my home that maintain much of their original look from when they were built around 100-150 years ago. Perhaps a subject for another days shooting.
  18. The Passenger Terminal Amsterdam was built in 2010 to accommodate the increasing number of cruise ships visiting Amsterdam. I like to photograph modern architecture and this building and the surroundings are a favourite of mine. I was there on Friday and waited till late afternoon as the weather forecast promised sunny weather after about two weeks of dull grey weather. Obviously most tourists were ashore visiting the Keukenhof or somewhere else in Amsterdam All images Olympus E-M10II + Olympus 12-40mm f2.8. 1. 2. 3.
  19. Thanks a lot Ann, much appreciated.
  20. lots of images of me on my wife's mobile phone ...
  21. Vivion, do you use Lightroom? With the Clone/Heal tool in Lightroom you could easily teletransport the pigeon.
  22. Nice series I especially like Reflection 2 that one might benefit from an adjustment in exposure and contrast. I'm always fascinated by train stations. The building, in- and out coming trains, people and sounds it all adds up to something special.
  23. BMW

    Nice colourful image of a great "young timer" car. My father used to drive BMW (320 and 323i 6-cylinder) when I got my driving license these were the first cars I got to drive, nice ... I also like the "making of" image. Tilting screens are a great addition to a camera!
  24. Wow, I thought I posted this image on not on Judging from the comments I suspect I'm the only one with actual (larger) cruise ship experience. And yes I've had bad experiences but also good ones. It depends on the destination, shipping company, ship and above all passengers. Anyway, nice colourful image isn't it?
  25. Lots of British tourists visit Amsterdam. Pecunia non olet. We Dutch are practical people
  26. It's not looking its best at the moment as much of the building is clad in scaffolding - I'll have to head back once it's stripped and see how it looks. The announcements are a lot more legible than the used to be. Unfortunately Flinders St isn't my regular station when I'm heading to work, that would be the former Spencer Street station (now known as Southern Cross) and that looks completely different to what it did even from when I first arrived in Melbourne. I've posted a few more from last night here.
  27. I might just cope if it was part of a journey to get somewhere - and I had a balcony cabin so there is somewhere to sit the camera on a tripod and watch the waves and clouds! But the idea of a floating holiday camp generally sounds awful.
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