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  2. On my recent holiday to Cape Town I took an iPad Pro 11” instead of my laptop and using a dock connected to an external HDD I was able to transfer all my images from my SD cards to the HDD. The only downside to this is that when you are doing a Card dump you don’t see any progress indicators like you do in MacOS, so it can be a little bit tricky to manage. I did do some editing on the fly with Lightroom for iPad but I realised soon that without a good internet connection you’re not going to get too far. The first Airbnb we stayed in had no internet at all (a small factor I had not taken note of when booking the place), so I wasn’t about to burn out all my mobile data on this importing process. When we moved to the second place we had fibre but it was restricted to a very slow 1Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download, so when I was trying to upload it would affect the bitrate of the streaming to Netflix, so I stopped it. I have to look at this whole process again and will write an article about my experiences for FZ.
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  4. Thank you, Aguinaldo. The invisible clouds added a nice twist (bite?) to the full moon.
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  6. I would love to see how the lenses paint the OOF backgrounds, point light sources in particular. Yes, I admit I am a sucker for soft and gentle backgrounds.
  7. The latest version of Lightroom for iPad, in combination with iOS 13, makes it possible to import photos from a memory card (or connected camera) directly; without the hassle of going through the camera roll first. All over sudden the iPad is now a much more practical and viable backup and editing device for travel, without having to bring a laptop. And with the right settings in Lightroom Classic, photos will automatically transfer to Lightroom Classic when arriving home again. Nifty!
  8. Noct


    Thanks gb for commenting. In Portugal The Algarve region is very nice too, so is Porto.
  9. I like it too! Magic light.
  10. That's a pretty nice shot, Akira.
  11. GB111


    Interesting images. Thanks for posting. Maybe I will visit one day, especially if I make it to Spain (another location on my list). gb
  12. No, the register (or flange focal distance) of Nikon Z is *only* 16mm; shorter than Sony mirrorless (18mm) and Canon R (20mm). The Noct 58mm F/0.95 thus can never focus at infinity with both the other systems. Oh and this lens is MF b.t.w.
  13. The moon shortly after its rise. Shot with Ai Nikkor 200mm/f4.0@f8.0. The top and the bottom of the frame was trimmed for the panoramic image. The buildings were lit by the setting sun.
  14. Hi, I'm fortunate to have these two amazing glasses. Soon I'll compare them wide open, close range (1m?) and infinity in my Z6 bodies. Do you have any suggestions?
  15. crowecg

    Amazing Sunrise

    Nice colours! I’m glad I’m not seeing too much sunrise at the moment- I guess I need to tidy up my evenings a bit as sunrise can by nice.
  16. Well, if you got a mirrorless body like the Sony A7iii or Canon R you could still use it, albeit without AF. Maybe Metabones have one of those smart adapters for Nikon that also drives AF the same way they do between Sony and Canon? I haven't looked into that myself.
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  18. When it comes to updating / upgrading gear I seem to have an uncanny ability to bend reason and common sense in order to satisfy my desires, but then again, these are not business decisions, so as long as I keep them under control I am a happy camper. I think I am set for the time being and perhaps will only get a compact mirrorless solution with a lens or two for travel and carrying around in 2020.
  19. I don't even have a Nikon camera, but man, this is a sweet chunk of glass that may tempt me enough to go back. Great images Aguinaldo, thanks for sharing.
  20. I do keep all the boxes and if I buy a used lens I prefer the box comes with it. There is only one lens I that I don't have the box for, but the price was so good and saved me a few thousands dollars that I really don't mind not having it. I do find that it does make a difference when selling the lens as it may show the potential buyer that you took care of it, silly I know, but does make for a smoother transaction.
  21. Here's a question on this theme; if you are presented with an opportunity to buy a lens that you really like (2nd hand of course) and the seller doesn't have the box, do you haggle on price or would you just get it anyway? I know when I bought my Olympus 12-100/4.0 it didn't come with the box as it was part of the E-M1 Mk ii kit which the seller sold separately. I did make a slightly lower offer and that was accepted.
  22. Yes they are all in the dark attic. The oldest one is of the Nikkor 80-200/4 Ais which I bought in 1981.
  23. Noct


    Aguinaldo, Hugh, Dallas, thanks for commenting. Lisbon is one of those cities we want to go back to.
  24. Yep, interesting to hear the origins mu-43 sensor! Just maybe the “middle aged men” as an audience are the ones with the money to spend on this occupation of ours!
  25. This guy is relatively calm compared to many of the channel presenters I have encountered over the years, including some from other parts of the world. Normally I just turn them off immediately, but this explanation of the origin of the format name I had not heard before, so I let it run. A lot of the "Youtuber" crowd are appealing to younger audiences, so I guess they think that if they come across with this hip and happening, my-life-is-so-interesting approach, they will get more views and hence be able to charge sponsors more. What's especially sad though is when middle-aged men do the same thing (like a certain other MFT user who I won't name).
  26. I agree Dallas, but I wish he would lose the gee whizz shouting, Why is it that our North American cousins feel the need to use raised voices and gesticulation. But yes interesting. Still think I prefer the videos by David Thorpe for reasoned arguments, saying more or less the same thing but not the explanation of the origin of the format But that’s just me!
  27. So organised! I’m glad I didn’t post an image of my storage areas... 😯
  28. I keep many on the upper shelf of my lenses cabinet. Most of them are behind these. Some are on another cabinet.
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