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  2. The day is long gone when I used to all my own car maintenance. Not possible with current electronic systems. At least I can still maintain my bicycle myself. No electronics, just Newtonian physics and tension mechanics.
  3. Hi Rachel, welcome to Fotozones! I hope you enjoy the community and if you need anything about the site explained please just reach out. :) 

  4. Electronics can be a stumbling block for many vehicles. I don't think I will be buying any new cars for the foreseeable future, firstly because of affordability and secondly because I am happier owning an older vehicle that is easier to maintain and has an established reputation amongst private mechanics.
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  6. I don’t think it is necessarily any worse than any other modern vehicle with electronic engine management which shuts itself down to avoid damage. Another problem is diesel particulate filters which are a common cause of cars going into limp mode. Unfortunately it is not possible to build a modern car without these features (commercial vehicles can sometimes bypass them but can feel very agricultural in comparison to a passenger vehicle). it is probably time form me to start thinking about a new car, but at the moment I just can’t think of one that appeals to me but isn’t ridiculously overpriced.
  7. Mike G

    The Kirk Chair

    The navigation controls of the MS. Olympia Nikon D810 + Nikkor 18-35mm @ 1/200 f5 ISO1100.
  8. This vehicle is a "lifestyle" vehicle, not a "life" vehicle. I agree with Alan. The original Land Rover was truly awful, but it was virtually unburstable and did not have electronic systems that could shut the show down. I did have a look at the Velar, but what was put off by the price and my previous horrendous experience with a Discovery.
  9. vivionm


    An excellent selection. I would also recommend "Kodachrome".
  10. A clean arse is next to godliness.
  11. Welcome to Fotozones, Tony! Hope to see many posts from you. If you have any questions about the site please just ask. :) 

  12. I still don’t get the obsession with stockpiling toilet paper.
  13. Allan, thank you for sharing your solid experiences with IR. I've heard about the sd Quattro with the UV/IR cut filter that can be removed on the user's side. The biggest challenge would be to find adapters for Sigma sd mount. The ones for M42 seems to be readily available, but not for Nikon F. There have been good amount of info on Nikkor lenses that don't show hot spots when used for IR, and I already have two Nikkor lenses that aren't hot-spotters. I have tried to shoot distant scenes to see if IR cut through the atmospheric haze here in Tokyo but haven't succeeded in that yet. By the way, could you handhold the Quattro sd for IR?
  14. GB111


    From a competitor https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/features/25-top-films-about-fictional-photographers?fbclid=IwAR1nXD5GKKg-g3j7I0TsdGhMKPICr39zW2g2ypcdLwfwQfO28asJhc9sNHU
  15. Love the originality on the first one here:
  16. Price. That, and the backlash from "traditional" Land Rover Owners who prefer cars bolted and riveted together by hand from flat pieces like Meccano, ride like buckboards, have less elbow room than an outback dunny (i.e. toilet) and leak like sieves all as standard equipment, which will probably make the model, good as it promises to be, difficult to sell in Australia outside of the wannabe-Crocodile-Dundees in the suburbs, where its potential abilities will be totally lost and pointless and mostly be spent driving over gutters and kerbs in low range. No doubt sales will be further hampered with the joyous inclusion of the Nanny-mode "Reduced Engine Performance" feature, which I have had the dubious joy of experiencing without warning last year in my own 2011 Land Rover product. This is nothing short of downright dangerous (picture a fully laden log truck pulling out to pass me on a hill as the "feature" had reduced my car to a 5 km/h crawl and nearly ended up with said log truck rear-ending my car going uphill), and which would make cross-desert holiday expeditions much favoured by the Aussie 4WD adventurer community a hazardous gamble to undertake at best, and possibly a hideously expensive rescue-retrieval operation ensue should some electronic decision of the unfathomable computing system buried in the workings of the car cause Nanny-mode to engage and render further progress impossible, as there is simply no override switch or command. Clearly the concept of remoteness and distance is not one fully understood in the design rooms of Solihull (or wherever the vehicles are designed these days), and situations where it is perfectly possible, and not even unusual, to drive for 1,000 or even 2,000 km without seeing another car or even human being, for that matter, are simply not even entertained. Australia was probably the reason long-range accessory fuel tanks for 4WD vehicles were invented, and not without very good reason. To have full tanks of fuel and die of thirst and exposure because your new vehicle's computer shuts the show down with no warning or reason would be perhaps one of the lousiest ways to exit this life. So as good as it might be, and as much as I'd like one (Tasmania is more reasonable when one thinks of remote - if you're healthy you can usually walk to safety from any vehicular track on this Island State, which is certainly not the case for mainland Australia), I really do think the vehicle will fall short in sales targets after the initial "must have one" brigade get done and move off to the next latest-and-greatest vehicle to drive over kerbs in.
  17. Sigma sd interchangeable lens camera models prior to them jumping ship to Bayer (yawn) with the FP have an easily removable (with fingers, no tools necessary) IR-cut filter positioned just behind the lens flange, and not glued to the unique Foveon sensor itself as other sensors do. You then have a choice of visible spectrum plus IR, or with the use of an on-lens IR filter, proper infra-red photography without having to butcher the camera forever. Using RawDigger as the processor you can isolate the top sensor layer (nominally the Blue layer, but in reality it's fully panchromatic in sensitivity) to get an uninterpolated, true pixel-for-pixel B&W IR result which will challenge, and probably better any converted Bayer sensor camera in resolution. Using an R72 IR filter, it cuts through mist and haze like nobody's business (taken about a half hour apart mid-winter June 2017 - hence the differing viewpoints. From memory the mist was very much local and in the foreground, the sun was clear and shining in the background, which happens often in winter here living close to a river: For standard IR landscapes it probably gives a better IR result than large format IR film would do. Even just using a standard red filter with the IR-cut in place and isolating that top sensor layer works well enough for the black sky look: Camera used was an sd Quattro-H with IR-cut removed for second, third and fourth photos, and in place again for the last, which I was experimenting with using adapted film-era M42 Soviet and East German lenses before I got lured back into the world of standard film photography, and which is now the camera I use as my B&W film neg "scanner", also just utilising the top "B" sensor layer with RawDigger. The only thing one has to watch out for is not to drop the IR-cut filter onto a hard surface (such as a desk) when removing it - the brittleness of the glass makes eggshells appear like titanium, and the replacement ain't cheap - it's definitely a Sigma exclusive. I tried an Internet-suggested in-front-of-lens IR-cut filter while waiting for the replacement from Japan (none in stock here, of course), and it gave a really weird visible spectrum result even though it looked the same as the broken one visually.
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  19. CarreraS


    Or migrated to the Southern Hemisphere .. ?
  20. Yeah, all the hardy Northerners are sitting on the back basking in the sunshine while the Saffers are warding off cryogenesis in front!
  21. Maybe wind chill factor -17 .. 😁 That's me with the rocket launcher .. 😉 cheers, Maurice
  22. Protecting ourselves against Covid-17?
  23. Well, if a subscriber would like to take the initiative the system is set up to cater for that. Or if there is enough interest from non-subscribers who would like me to set it up I am happy to do that too. I suppose a project of moving all the old posts back into there could be done over time.
  24. Yep, I have the same problems...
  25. Thank you Akira. I remember now that my dentist uses something like that to cure the resin of the teeth fillings.
  26. And some nice Namibian scenery too. There are a few other videos from those not lucky enough to make it to Namibia - they just got a drive around Ledbury and Eastnor in the UK. I wouldn’t mind one apart from the price and being too big to fit in my garage.
  27. It might, but that could be the niche of the niche.
  28. Thank you, Chris, for your comment. So far as I remember, D40 was the last Nikon DSLR that shows reasonably usable IR sensitivity without modification. D2H was more sensitive but instead it suffered from the strong IR contamination in normal use. Interestingly, Sigma fp seems to be more sensitive to IR than at least D40, but doesn't show any hint of IR contamination at all. With R72 filter and set at ISO 3200 and f5.6 or so, you could even handhold the camera on a bright sunny day. Fujifilm digitals have been know for their capability for the astro-photography thanks to their relatively high sensitivity to H-alpha spectrum. But unfortunately, trying to shoot IR didn't come up to my mind while I was shooting with X-E3 or X-T3.
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    • Tutorial: Product Photography Made Easy (Part 1)
      There are many, many ways to photograph products for online shopping sites where typically the vendors want a pure white background. Over a number of years of doing this type of work for clients I have found a method that is super efficient and doesn’t involve Photoshop editing at all.
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    • The Face in the Tree
      A few weeks back I 'enjoyed' a field trip with the RPS to the Open University campus in Milton Keynes. I say enjoy because storm Dennis was raging at the time and I did get very wet and battered. It was nevertheless very interesting though not as productive as hoped.
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    • Everest Base Camp trek
      Using the quarentine to process some pictures from my archives that were left aside.
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    • Gear Cabinet Project
      I love modular things, which might explain why the SLR camera system became so attractive to me exactly 20 years ago.
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    • Some Snowy Owls
      I spend the turn of the years 19/20 in Casselman, Ontario to photograph Snowy Owls which are amongst my favourite birds.
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    • Rio de Janeiro Tomorrow Museum
      Thank you for looking.
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    • Borobudur Indonesia
      In 2009 my wife and I visited family of my wife on Java, Indonesia. We toured this fascinating island and of course also went to see the famous Buddhist temple Borobudur (built 9th century).
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    • 17.5 Square Meters
      Originally this was the dining room of our rented house when we moved here in 2008. At that time I had set up my office-come-studio in the most eastern part of the house, which with two big windows facing east and north is the sunniest room in the house. It was in that space that I began my unintended career as a website developer and photographer.
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