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  2. Rags, I have totally divorced myself from the concept of owning property. Even a $100,000 house in SA is too expensive for me to own. I just don't know how people are able to afford these places? The costs associated with home ownership are crippling. The maintenance, taxes and volatility of the mortgage interest rate here see to that. For me renting is the only option when it comes to accommodation. Many people disagree with my philosophy and while renting does have its drawbacks, they are far less daunting than the drawbacks associated with home ownership that I mentioned above. I've been on both roads and I prefer the one I am on now. Granted, we got lucky with the house we have been renting for the past 10 years in that our landlords are fabulous people who appreciate how we look after the property and have kept our rent very reasonable, but if I was to have purchased this property when we moved in here in 2008, I would still only be halfway towards paying it off (assuming I didn't access the equity to finance a better lifestyle) and I would have paid more than double what I have paid in rent over the same period. So effectively I got the roof over my head at half the price. For me that's a no-brainer.
  3. A new off-trail adventure on a warm and sunny day. Although we had to wind our way back through several brushy ravines, being amongst the rocks, lichens, and trees in stillness and solitude was deeply satisfying. X-T2, 18-55mm 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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  5. Yes a nice image Alan that captures the ANZAC day spirit so well. Actually ANZAC Day is also celebrated all over New Zealand as well as in Australia, so this image would be very typical of what might be observed over there as well. All over Australia and NZ there are similar such monuments to the soldiers of the Boer War, WW1, WW2, and later miltary activities. In some cases you will find these monuments in the smallest of towns often with just a handfull of names on them to commemorate the loss of young men from the surrounding area. An aside: ANZAC Day also marks the anniversay of the successful Australian led night attack and battle at Villers-Bretonneux which marked the turning point for the Allies in the First World War. Australia suffered 2,400 casualties out of 3,900 soldiers involved such was the intensitity of the fighting........ It also marked the rise of Sir John Monash, the Australian General who introduced modern military tactics and risk management methods to the WW1 campaigns and whose skills are generally credited with the shortening of that awful war - to the benefit of all.
  6. $400,000 doesn't buy a house in Palo Alto, CA This is what $2,598,000 gets you there... 3BR, 2BA built late 40's... Pretty ridiculous... Rags
  7. Wonderful engaging shot Alan Rags
  8. I did, thanks Mike. Probably the best house I have had to shoot since I landed this gig, but unfortunately the tenants haven't furnished it extensively (and I arrived to discover all the bedding covers on the lawn, hence the unmade beds). Also, not a single curtain or bathroom mirror, which means it's probably not finished yet.
  9. If you took all the photos in the listing, then we’ll done that man!
  10. My niece is in the Australian Cadets and was involved in the ANZAC parade somewhere in QLD this morning.
  11. Today was ANZAC Day, the date that Australian and New Zealand troops landed at Gallipoli as part of the British-led assault on Turkey in 1915. While unsuccessful and involving much loss of life over the months that the battles ensued, it was the first major conflict Australian troops had been involved in since the Commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901. As such it has become the Day Australia remembers its soldiers in all wars, and is marked by dawn memorial services taking place in most towns and cities in Australia, usually at the town's war memorial (which most towns and cities have). Today I was at the service at Gretna, Tasmania for the Dawn Service which started promptly at 6:00am, well before it started to get light. It was during the laying of the wreaths at the memorial that I took this one: As the poem that is always read at theses services goes: "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them." I thought this photo expressed that rather well.
  12. thank you Grahame
  13. Still shooting a lot of property. This one was from yesterday and while it is a nicely designed house, it is in a gated golf estate, so you'll be putting up with owner associations, rigid compliance rules and the odd stray golf ball... Full listing here.
  14. Very nice. I like the soft edges and your choice of positioning the central part of the flower.
  15. That's quite an edit you did!
  16. Here's the untouched original btw, if you are interested. -gb
  17. Playing around with light
  18. My apologies for the site being down for a while today. There was a misconfiguration on the server relating to the amount of bandwidth that had been allocated to Fotozones. This has now been corrected so we should be good. It is nice to see an increase in our visitors!
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  20. The USSR was officially a communist country, but that country no longer exists.
  21. Not, unfortunately. But we have a multi-party system.
  22. I don't really know enough about current world politics, but is Russia still a communist country?
  23. +1 on the corrected image. 👍🏻
  24. Armando, have you tried the Opera browser? They have this very neat feature called "Personal News" which lets you add the RSS feeds from any website you like. This lets me keep up with new content on a variety of websites I am interested in. What I found problematic with following Facebook pages is that some of them have people running them who's job is to post and post the most irrelevant garbage 24/7. It's like they are trying to get more eyes on social than on their own content. Anyway... here's a screenshot of the Opera feature I was telling you about.
  25. Nice job with the corrections
  26. On FB I do have lists of friends by interests, I unfollow everybody, if I want to see what is going on with a group friends I browse the specific friend list On my FB I follow pages that do interest me, so it has become sort of like a newspaper
  27. On Sunday, celebrated 148 years since the birth of Vladimir (Ulyanov) Lenin. 1. _DSF3059 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 2. _DSF3082 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 3. _DSF3165 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 4. _DSF2967 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr
  28. Perfectly!
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