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  2. It sure is - even with the wintery look to it.
  3. Yes me too. The plant in its environment and good separation from the background.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Thank you Maurice. Maybe it is the Ferrari, the Lamborghini or the Porsche.Every cart in this island has its own sister car. Lol
  6. Very nice !! Is that the Ferrari again in #1 ? Eagerly awaiting Z7, FTZ & 24-70 2.8 S .. purely for testing purposes, you understand ... I really want to look at focussing with the 1.4 primes and the Sig 120-300 2.8 sport .. .. let alone the ones I have micro adjusted ! cheers, Maurice
  7. Very quick support from Mailgun explained what was happening and also how I can fix it. I will attend to this (hopefully) tomorrow morning as it requires a clearer head than I can offer right now.
  8. After some testing it would appear that Mailgun is not delivering to any addresses other than info@fotozones.com. All others are bouncing for some reason. I have asked them to investigate and explain what's going on.
  9. I am just testing the new system now by subscribing to this thread using email notifications. So far I managed to get one of two email tests delivered. My Gmail account didn't deliver, but fotozones.com did. So... let's see what happens next.
  10. North of Brazil. Awesome landscape, and food. Z6 & 14-30mm. Thank you for looking.
  11. crowecg

    Up in the Air

    And approaching Sydney this is one didn’t quite load at the time. It’s a bigger image file from the phone camera whereas the first was the smaller file from a wireless transfer of a camera .
  12. I am going to be experimenting with Mailgun in the next few days. If you are subscribed to any threads on FZ and notice that you are not getting any email notifications please do the following: 1. Check your spam folder in the email application you use. If you see it there please use your software to whitelist it. 2. If you don't see anything in the spam folder but you know that there should have been an email in there, please report it to me, either in this thread or by direct email to info@fotozones.com. Hopefully this change won't be as fraught with problems as it was in the past.
  13. Thank you Thor. I occasionally muddle through and get the right result..... But better consistency would be nice. I just was going through a huge number of images taken today, and I cannot believe how badly I continue to handle some situations. I seem to have a slow learning curve, and make the same mistakes, repeatedly.
  14. very difficult blue-purplish color to capture, you've nailed it! Great first two!
  15. Good or bad lens, I like the first shot a lot 😎
  16. thor55

    Fleurs du Matin

    Nice bouquet this is!
  17. Very nice colors in the 1st, not seen very many of those before! We mostly see red or yellows...
  18. LOVE the 1st purple tone!
  19. thor55


    I don't know, looks a bit bleak to me, but then inside a hothouse it can be very dull...
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