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If you are an aviation enthusiast this club is for you. Feel free to post your photos and stories of all things avionic in this club. This is an open club, meaning that you do not have to join to post. All are welcome!

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  2. All images are stunning, David! I especially like the second and the last ones. You captured unbelievable moments!
  3. A gorgeous North American T-6A Texan (N9790Z) Lifting Off During The Wings Over Dallas Event
  4. A 1947 fully restored Beech D18S (C-45) photo pass
  5. Wow! That ride would cost $1000 plus these days.
  6. I visited Chino once. I was offered a ride in a P-38 (for $50) but could not accept because I had my young daughter with me and did not wish to leave her alone.
  7. Thanks Vivion. No, Chino is on my someday bucket list. I usually focus on the immediate area of north and central Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas. Actually the Corsair is a beautiful aircraft in the air. Powerful yet graceful as she twists and turns. But when she points her nose toward the ground she becomes angry and menacing and you realize how and why she got the nickname whistling death.
  8. Nice photo of the Corsair. I have never seen one except in photos and movie footage (Baa Baa Blacksheep) but the aircraft always struck me as ugly. I imagine that you have been to Chino. And you may even know Tom Cleaver.
  9. 1943 Goodyear FG-1D Corsair (N9964Z) caught on takeoff
  10. A gorgeous North American T-6G Texan (N6253C) providing ride flights at the event
  11. Same here Mike, guess I was around 7 or 8. Once together it was almost indestructible as I recall, perfect for a young boy to play with outside.
  12. Couple shots of a SNJ-5 in training squadron colors (Navy version of the T-6 Texan)
  13. As a young boy one of the first Plastic “Airfix” models I made was of a Mig 17! Maybe 58 years ago! 😎
  14. Love the prop blur in the first photo.
  15. Fantastic images. And what a cool build, that Yak 110. Thanks for posting. Would love to see more.
  16. Hi Mike, On principle, I will not pay for what used to be free.
  17. Vivion, why don’t you post from your desktop?
  18. One (perhaps last) try to post a photo on this site. What a palaver. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sky-Venture/Stampe-Vertongen-SV-4/1542504?qsp=eJwtjDEOwkAMBP/img6JIh18AAo%2BYNkrciLkTrYVOEX5O3eBbnZWmpUkz4FP3GsBDeRgk5EOVNj45TSs9ER9Z9PGtKQl5bm9ni0utRnlwFkEJaB/fzWF9Qsue%2BjRw6eOsNtvHfvU5GXivYLgNNG2fQHFVS9/
  19. Since Bell Helicopter is one of the primary sponsors of the Fort Worth Alliance show they rolled out their latest ride still undergoing flight tests. The Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. V-280 Rotorcraft (Developmental) (N280BH) named Valor with a L-39 chase plane.
  20. Each year the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) hosts and event at their Dallas Texas headquarters called Wings Over Dallas. This year the event was held last weekend and it was their biggest show to date at that location. I'll post photos as I develop them, but to start here are a couple of FiFi, one of only two WWII era Boeing B-29 Super Fortresses in the world that still fly. Beautiful, powerful, loud and graceful are some of the words I use to describe FiFi. Nothing like watching this huge aircraft take to the air with her four radial engines at full song.
  21. This I may have posted on FZ before, but thought I would share again. It's from a shoot I did last year, covering the first BA London-Durban direct flight. Was quite an experience riding in the Follow Me vehicle.
  22. That sure is a weird aircraft in the first pic! Thanks for posting these, David.
  23. A few shots from the Fort Worth Alliance airshow held a couple of weeks ago - A very unusual bird. Take two Yak 55 airframes + One J85 jet engine and mash them together. to get a Yak 110 (N110JY) Randy Ball in his MIG 17 taking it easy on some very high performance cars. Messed up here having my shutter speed set for a jet aircraft which makes the cars look like they were standing still, which they certainly were not. Randy Ball making a photo pass in his MIG 17
  24. No hotlinking allowed from that host by the tone of the denial message.
  25. The website is refusing access!
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    • Cape Town Is Different
      Cape Town is different. While it sits at the toe of the African continent, visitors to this city might be forgiven for thinking that they have arrived somewhere else entirely.
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    • Looking Ahead To 2020
      For me 2019 was a year with a lot of highs and a few lows. The highs outweighed the lows so I have no complaints.
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    • Another view of my city.
      The city is being intensively updated. Not everything flies at once, not everything goes smoothly. But locations with harmonious architectural solutions are already steadily appearing.
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      I admit to finding some amusement in many Facebook photography groups reading peoples' posts on their quests to obtain lenses with "classic bokeh" (for want of a better description) for their digital cameras,  and manufacturers responding with increasingly more pricey and exotic lens designs...
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