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  2. Very nice ! And likely to stay nice in SA weather, one hopes ! cheers, Maurice
  3. Lovely photo of a very nice car. Never knew they made a 3.0. I also like the hardtop version. Still a common sight on the road here.
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6mJhQzCRmA7Jj4vk7 My 3,0L 916 series Alfa Spider, built by Pininfarina. Total sum of about 1400 3.0L ever built.
  5. Not sure I like the pink background, but it's a cool angle of the car.
  6. There was something of a hiatus at this time, as somebody speared off into the cornfield right in front of me .. racing continued while a marshal crossed over to check up. When he re-emerged a few minutes later he signalled to cease & desist .. turned out the driver had had a heart attack (or similar medical emergency) and ambulances / course cars / tow trucks / rescue crew / JCBs came from all directions .. Tends to happen occasionally - the old cars tend to have older drivers, who'd have thought ? So I set off for home after a while, and missed a couple more races ! Anyway, a good meet, enough cars, enough people, not much hassle ! cheers, Maurice
  7. Unusual drag race ! Don't think the Y type had much chance !
  8. Who would belive it ! An aesthetic Ford ! Classic Capri GT of 1963 !
  9. Cobra again .. I prefer them open but they race as GTs !
  10. All pit shots Z7 24-70 f2.8 S - circuit ones above Z7 - FTZ - Sig 120-300 f2.8 Spt on monopod at Tower corner. Below panning practice Z7 - FTZ - 70-200 F2.8 G hand held on Westway - most cars flat ! Cornfield backdrop .. Healey 3000 !
  11. Magnette ZA - authentic look but too quick ! Methinks a transplant to 1860cc ..
  12. Another typical British saloon .. 😉.. Studebaker Silver Hawk !
  13. A Jowett Javelin ! Sounded pretty healthy !
  14. Giulia TI leads Jag Mk 1 and another pesky Speedwell Austins (going much faster now than they ever did in period !)
  15. XK150 FHC - rather nice, but lacking roll stiffness ?
  16. Mk 1 Coombs Jag - BUY 1 ex Roy Salvadori !
  17. Speedwell Austin A40 puts the squeeze on Alfa Sprint GT ..

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