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  2. I did crash through it .. ..This is more to my taste .. http://100photos.time.com/photos/edward-steichen-moonlight-pond Long before Mamiya was a twinkle in someone's eye, using bi-chromates, and was the record most expensive auction photograph sale until that supermarket one from Dusseldorf ! (Andreas Gursky, 99c ) cheers, Maurice
  3. You should watch, Maurice. It’s actually a very good story. That shot was taken on a Mamiya RZ67.
  4. Seeing that pop up, i thought my iPad was about to crash 😀
  5. Jeez, Dallas, are you watching shite videos again .. ??? .. 😎😁😝 cheers, Maurice
  6. Very niche. Has the look of a colonoscope.
  7. Hugh_3170

    Parabolic Softboxes?

    LOL! The attendant must have been a bit of a "Deek Hid"!
  8. Dallas

    Parabolic Softboxes?

    A cousin of mine emigrated to New Zealand a couple of years ago and she made me laugh the other day when she related how at Auckland Airport when asking for directions to the check in she thought the attendant was sending her to get some take away chicken.
  9. crowecg

    Parabolic Softboxes?

    Your description makes it sound like Kiwi? However, actually looking at the video, sounds like he is trying to hide an Essex, England accent.
  10. Dallas

    Parabolic Softboxes?

    The thing I find hard to place with Karl Taylor is his consonant sounds. If he uses words like "try" or "buy" they come out like "troy" and "boy" which I kind of attribute to either Cockney or Aussie accents, yet he isn't typical of either. Maybe it's a Guernsey accent? I dunno...
  11. PatrickO1397538283

    Parabolic Softboxes?

    Check out the travel journalist Simon Calder - very similar pattern of speech!
  12. I unfortunately don't have the space for such demonstrations.
  13. I almost thought this was going to be one of your own videos.
  14. Karl Taylor unleashes on the current trend known as "parabolic softboxes". Still can't figure out this guy's accent. Unfamiliar British with a large dollop of Aussie?
  15. While I already know how to do this, if you have experienced any confusion about how it works, this video from Adorama will hopefully explain it better than I can. The instructor also shows how to use the inverse square law to your advantage if you only have one light and need a white background.
  16. It is certainly an interesting concept. It is a little pricey but available in the major 35mm mounts together with some fine mounts. From my experience with the 65 macro, I think I would describe the brand as niche rather than novelty. I would certainly consider buying other lenses from them, although currently there are only three currently available for Fuji mount. Aside from macro their other niche is wide angle.
  17. Didn't watch the whole video but scrolled to the sections that caught my eye and the place looks incredible! Lately I am not into shooting animals but the landscape alone, as you pointed out, would be worth the cost of admission.
  18. A bit long winded, but it has certainly fired up an interest in me to consider Ambroseli National Park and the Mara for possible future FZ safaris. What a beautiful looking place. I'd go there just for the landscapes. The animals would be a bonus.
  19. Can't do this so well with flash.
  20. This is almost directly out of camera, flat lay, +3 stops and minor edge treatment. I used an overhead softbox and another 90˚ to camera right (gridded). No deep etching required! A retoucher will be able to clean up the errant reflections if they want.
  21. Just this week I have begun using my video lights for shooting product on my modified product photography table and boy, what a difference it makes! What would take me ages to do with flash is now taking a fraction of the time with continuous lights, because with live view you can see exactly what the shot is going to look like before you take it. This is a massive time saver, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of products in a batch. I have done three shoots this week with the lights, ranging from more spices, to toilet paper and yesterday horse bits. Here's Karl Taylor showing his way of doing it using the new Broncolor LED lights (lucky bugger).
  22. Came across a recently produced and pretty informative video by master commercial photographer, Karl Taylor. I haven't been doing much product photography lately, but then again I haven't been chasing after it much. It's hard work and not too many people in my world have the money for it. Just earlier today I took off the perspex from my shooting table and am going to be modifying the whole thing to make shooting this kind of thing much easier.
  23. I find that I am watching less about camera gear nowadays and more adventure and design/makers channels.
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