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A place to share YouTube videos about photography and camera gear. Please join to post links to interesting videos about photography and gear.

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  2. Very interesting video by Sean Tucker, enhanced by the legal rep from the Association Of Photographers in the UK.
  3. It was a good one. I have since watched quite a few of Sean's videos on his channel. They are pretty good and I share a lot of his opinions on things photographic.
  4. Every now and then I come across some truly awesome YouTube creators. This morning I was searching through YT for some info on accessories for the Godox AD200 which I recently bought. This chap Sean Tucker popped up and I immediately connected with his voice - it sounded like he was from where I am, maybe some time ago - us South Africans can pick up inflections in our accents almost immediately, even when we've been living somewhere else for a long time (except for Charlize Theron who is unfortunately 100% inauthentic when she speaks). Anyway, I watched his video about the Godox AD200 system that he has also adopted and then I watched another, somewhat longer one, which I am sharing with you here. I found his approach totally refreshing and what he has to say about the process of making portraits for your own portfolio is really very valuable. Great video, I hope you enjoy it.
  5. I've actually never tried this other way, but with my monovision* optical setup I don't think it would do me any good. * I wear a single contact lens in my dominant eye to correct for myopia and I leave the right eye uncorrected to cope with presbyopia. I've been scripted this way for years and it has helped me avoid the use of spectacles of either type while working with cameras.
  6. I agree. I'm left-eye dominant, and looking into the viewfinder with one of my eyes while looking at the whole scene with another eye is just beyond me, even if the camera doesn't block the eyesight. 😲 Actually, when I look into the viewfinder with one of my eyes, I always close another eye, exactly as she does. 😀
  7. I take your point Dallas, but at the risk of being branded pedantic I cannot see that there is a wrong way to hold a camera. It is as you demonstrate a matter of personal preference depending on several variables, including which eye you favour.
  8. She would get better photos if she removed the lens cap.
  9. If you're left eye dominant like me, this other way actually might be better as you can still see with your right eye, which is impossible if the camera is covering it.
  10. It varies, depending on camera, whether or not I'm crouching etc. etc. How can you be 'wrong' if you are comfortable and get the shot? Some people need to get a life!
  11. If I'm using the gripped body then I will shoot it normally, but if I have to do portrait orientation without the grip then the shutter is always on the top. Just an old habit, I guess. I have seen a few women shooting this other way, interestingly enough.
  12. Irene Rudnyk, female photographer/YouTuber who posts interesting videos of shooting tips from the female points of view. The topic for this video is, however, about the way to hold the camera in portrait orientation. I was surprised to realize that she had been criticized for holding the camera "wrongly" with the shutter button down, mainly by the male photographers. According to her explanation, the reason for her holding the way she does is rather a physical reason. But I myself have long preferred holding the camera in the same way as she does, even though I'm male (LOL). In the film days, I loved to use Leica M, and one of the reasons was that it is more comfortable to hold the camera in portrait orientation in this "girly" way. Now I feel very comfortable to use my Fujifilm X-E3 for the very same reason. In the early 80's, l saw a picture of Dirk Reinartz, the late VISUM photographer, holding the camera in the same way. He specialized in the artistic potraiture, and he used Leica M4 and Nikon F2 eyelevel at that time. The reason for me to hold the camera with the shutter button down is to keep myself as discreet as possible. I don't do journalism or paparazzi stuff, but I would like to take pictures in rather unobtrusive manner.
  13. While having my morning tea (well, coffee and rusks) and watching YouTube, this video popped up on my suggested screen. It's quite an interesting look at a local surfing spot and the people who ride it. It'll give you some idea of the city where I live and the kind of people I grew up around. There's some talk of photography and also you'll get to see the famous Durban "Bunny Chow". Enjoy.
  14. I agree, but still lovely to drool over...
  15. Nice, but I don't need 50Mpx for my hobby.
  16. I found this little overview of the new 'blad on YT. Enjoy!
  17. Hugh, thank you for the links! Yes, I've read and been intrigued by Alan's recent posts. One interesting thing is that the spectral sensitivity of B&W films goes into the UV range. I still keep Apo-Nikkor 240/9.0 with the premise of using it for the UV experiments that I enjoyed with digital and film cameras until about 10 years ago.
  18. Ilford still make sheet film up to 20" x 24" (51cm x 61cm for FP4 and HP5. Not sure about offerings from the other film manufacurers. They also have Ilford Ortho film in 8" x 10" and Delta 100 in 4" x 5". Link: https://www.ilfordphoto.com/black-white-film/sheet-film?___from_store=ilford_brochure&___store=ilford_brochure&sheet_film_size=704 Alternatives include using paper negatives - like Alan7140 has in recent times. Or alternatively a paper positive: https://www.ilfordphoto.com/harman-direct-positive-paper-sheets
  19. Dallas, I'm glad you like it. My big regret during the film days was that I didn't have a chance to try large format cameras. The films have become scarce now, but there always seems to be chances to try the wet print or even the egg print?!
  20. That was really cool, Akira, thanks for posting it. I'd really like to see an analog photography club developing on Fotozones (see what I did there? 🤓). I also want to open up a medium format club that hopefully some dormant members will be happy to run with. There are quite a few MF shooters here.
  21. I participate in a number of Capture One groups and forums. I have seen a number of questions from people asking about traveling with Capture One and how to incorporate those images into primary system when they return. I travel a bit and use Capture One on the road so I spent some time thinking through the process I use and came up with this video that I hope helps others.
  22. Platon's comment starting at 17:26 sounds very important, and I would fully agree. Thanks for sharing, Dallas!
  23. This was a really good interview, covering some very interesting subjects. Enjoy it and let me know what you thought of it.
  24. Novel but of no interest to me. I'll stick to still images.

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