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A place to share YouTube videos about photography and camera gear. Please join the club and post links to interesting videos about photography and gear.

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  2. I participate in a number of Capture One groups and forums. I have seen a number of questions from people asking about traveling with Capture One and how to incorporate those images into primary system when they return. I travel a bit and use Capture One on the road so I spent some time thinking through the process I use and came up with this video that I hope helps others.
  3. Platon's comment starting at 17:26 sounds very important, and I would fully agree. Thanks for sharing, Dallas!
  4. This was a really good interview, covering some very interesting subjects. Enjoy it and let me know what you thought of it.
  5. Novel but of no interest to me. I'll stick to still images.
  6. They dropped this on us today. Oh my. I must have this before next year's Wildlife Safari!
  7. Jim Nix shares a pretty clever technique on how to do a complicated sky replacement in Luminar. I might start using this in some of my RE work since we're about to get a lot more grey days here.
  8. Those of you who have been commenting on my recent real estate photography would have read that I am now using Aurora 2019 to process a lot of my work. It's a great piece of software and I will eventually get around to making a proper review of it. For now though, here's a super video I found that shows what tools you have available to you in Aurora 2019. Enjoy!
  9. Thanks Maurice! I will certainly check out those links.
  10. David Hurn is a very interesting chap, founded the Photography course at University of Wales Newport, graduation from there is almost a prerequisite for a career in photojournalism in the UK. During his career he swapped prints with all his illustrious fellow photographers, amassing a huge collection which he has donated to the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Earlier this year there was a big exhibition of these (David Hurn - Swaps), I spent several happy hours there .. not only were many of the prints absolutely outstanding, there was a story with almost every one which really added interest available on headphones. Although it had good space, they still had to resort to 3 layers on the walls , like Stieglitz's Gallery 191 ! Many of his images here .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on Jane Fonda as Barbarella here .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/object/52f8f129-4645-3eae-9086-37cd0e82e7a9/Jane-Fonda-in-Barbarella-costume-Rome-Italy/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on&page=5&index=50 Joan Baez at the Isle of Wight festival .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/object/6c235d72-b5a6-3083-bfe1-8828c394396f/Isle-of-Wight-Festival-Joan-Baez/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on&page=34&index=397 Crowd shot IoW .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/object/a4f8a4c7-e146-3ca4-8850-1cabb04ffc0b/Isle-of-Wight-Festival-Five-assorted-buttocks-in-a-row-a-girl-wearing-nothing-but-roman-sandals-stands-in-the-middle/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on&page=38&index=453 Not sure who did the titles ! Recent BBC programme .. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0993mqr - the truth about Bond's gun ! Lensculture interview .. https://www.lensculture.com/articles/david-hurn-the-picture-that-changed-my-life-interview-with-david-hurn DH page on Magnum site .. https://www.magnumphotos.com/photographer/david-hurn/ 'David Hurn - A Life in Pictures' was a terrific programme but my links are dead ;( .. perhaps it will reappear on iPlayer. I hope this extra is of interest .. cheers, Maurice
  11. I came across this interesting documentary you guys might enjoy.
  12. Some very interesting chat and amusing anecdotes from Magnum photographer David Hurn, who was a prominent photographer in the 1960's.
  13. Mark Seliger interviews actor / photographer Matthew Modine and celebrity photographer Martin Schoeller. Some very interesting discussion in this one.
  14. Yup, the Adorama video I linked above was definitely the best one I have seen so far. Used by an actual photographer who has actual photos to show for it.
  15. Good videos The videos with the nikon ambassadors - who had a couple of weeks to use the cameras - have less guessing about the functionality and other things like battery duration Here is the link to one that I found very informative, it is an Adorama video with a wildlife photographer lady from Canada and a video guy from California https://youtu.be/O-M4SmW527E
  16. Here's Mathieu from Mirrorlesson's video impressions of the new Nikons. The more I look at this camera the more I like the design. But I will not be in the market for one myself - quite happy with MFT and the advantages of the smaller form factor.
  17. Here's Jared Polin's hands on video and initial thoughts. Concerns for me if I was a Nikon legacy glass owner would be the AF speed on adapted lenses. If it's a major problem then you may not be happy, but if it's not so bad (like the way I use the Olympus legacy glass on my 5 year old E-M1 with adapters) then great. I'd definitely got one. I think the price point for the Z6 is pretty good. Same as the Olympus E-M1 Mk II was at launch.
  18. Here's another one from a guy who is actually using it to (shock! horror!) take photos. I don't have time to watch the whole thing just yet as I am about to start today's round of property shoots. Let me know what you think? The EVF on this new mirrorless sounds pretty amazing.
  19. I still haven't had enough time to properly investigate the new Z Series from Nikon (I have been shooting property flat out and planning the upcoming Thanksgiving Safari) so I am scouring the YouTube for videos about it. Yes, I am becoming very lazy. Here's the first one I found from Kai Wong (who you either love or hate, or both). I must say, I am slightly warming to the design. I will add more videos as I find them. Feel free to add your own to the thread too.
  20. I surely enjoyed the video. Thank you for sharing, Dallas!
  21. It's not a camera I will probably ever own, but it is good to see that Leica are still making new M bodies. I don't know if Kai is just very small but that camera looks huge. Much bigger than I remember my M3 being.
  22. These are fairly old interviews that I am posting, but they are really worth watching. I take away a lot from them. In this particular interview it's more about what Bob Gruen has done in music photography than Kevin Bacon's celebrity that is what has stuck with me. Bob's approach is very similar to mine in that I don't like to give a subject too much direction, preferring to let them put themselves into characters that are worth making images of. He talks about shooting photographing John Lennon and also Tina Turner's early shows, specifically the one image that he says sparked his career. This was a great interview, I hope you enjoy it too.
  23. You're welcome, Armando. There is a wealth of stuff on YouTube. Unfortunately you also have to wade through a sea of narcissistic self-indulgence to get to it. Fortunately Zack Arias isn't like Peter McKinnon 🙄 so hopefully he will post more useful stuff in the future.
  24. I love looking into other photographer's creative spaces. I think I might actually be more of a design / decorator than a photographer! I like to see how they have things laid out, what they do with their spaces and if I see some ideas that I like I incorporate them into my own creative space. In this video portrait photographer Sue Bryce takes us on a tour of her space in Los Angeles. What I really found interesting is her "reveal" approach to sharing the work she has made with her subjects. Quite clever and definitely something that portrait photographers should consider doing for their own clients. I have set the link to start at 20s so that you don't have to sit through the sponsor's intro.
  25. I haven't seen anything from Joe McNally in a long time (probably something to do with me not shooting Nikon anymore), so I thought I'd have a look in at some of his recent work. Here's a cool little video showing how he goes about lighting a male model in a garage using a variety of speed lights and some modifiers from Lastolite.
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    • Olympus E-M1 Mk II Firmware 3.0
      I just got word that Olympus has updated the firmware in the E-M1 Mk II and this sees it now getting a lot more of the features that the E-M1X has, including improved AF, expanded ISO range (down to ISO 64) as well as some other stuff that I didn't even know these cameras could do. Here's Robin Wong to run through some of the details.  
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    • To and From the Shrine
      Whilst scouting out the barracks (see here if you are wondering why), I thought I'd better get some other photos too, so as not to look too suspicious.😎
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    • Jalapão Monochromes
      Taken recently.
      Thank you for looking.
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    • 24-70mm f/4.0 S
      This lens is an good example of the advantages the new Z-mount brings. The large diameter of the Z mount allows the lens designers to come up with new exciting and/or better performing lenses.
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    • Palace of Arts at Budapest
      Palace of Arts at Budapest by night. This is a pano image stitched to TIFF, so I had to compress it to hell to be able to upload here, so sorry about the artifacts this may cause by viewing.
      This post was inspired by Dallas's email of " Let's Break Facebook ". 😉
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