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A place to share YouTube videos about photography and camera gear. Please join the club and post links to interesting videos about photography and gear.

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  2. Dallas

    I Needed Color

    Hey Akira, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a good insight into his life. If you have Netflix he also appears in an episode of Comedians In Cars with Jerry Seinfeld where they end up in his studio and he talks more about his art. Like many comedic actors I think there is a lot of tragedy below the surface that they are masking and this appears to come through in his art. I'm always on the lookout for interesting videos to share from the YT, but this club is here so that we can all do the same. I hope to see more shares from other members.
  3. Akira

    I Needed Color

    Hi, Dallas, just joined the club. I haven't known what had become of Jim Carrey since he became world famous (at least to me) through the movie "Mask". This video is a nice food for thought. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Two very talented ladies talk about their work in photography.
  5. Part of what I hope to achieve with Fotozones is a deeper understanding of what compels us to take photos in the first place, and to share with the discerning audience here some of the insights I discover. Today's insight comes from an interview with Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson, courtesy of the YT channel Vice. While not particularly revelatory, I did enjoy the interview and it was interesting to hear how he got involved with photography in the first place. Pease note that some of the images shown in the video contain nudity.
  6. Today's video came up on my YT suggestions. It's not about photography, but it shows us a very different side of the actor and comedian Jim Carrey. I had no idea he was a visual artist also, and boy, what an artist he is! My take away from this video is that as photographers we need to allow what we absorb around us, our influences, to be expressed in a way that is as telling of what we feel inside. We can do so much more than just push a button to take a photo.
  7. Yeah, that omission completely misses slaying the dragon as far as YouTubers are concerned, which makes it hard to understand who the camera is aimed at. A small MFT camera like the Olympus Pens or GM series from Panasonic offer more lens adaptability and better image quality, assuming you want something small for photographic purposes... or if you want it for casual video you've got better options in a myriad of modern smartphones available, not discounting the wide range of cheap gimbal stabilisers available for them these days too.
  8. at 3 times the price of the previous version it is indeed and insane price apparently the target is people doing videos and it has no microphone ... hmm
  9. He makes many very good points about the camera on this video. Is it worth it the asking price? Hmmm... I tend to think not. As he says in the video when you consider all the other stuff you can buy for the same money, what does this one little thing give in return? The only big return is portability and that lens. That's great for video producers, but honestly, my iPhone 7P also does 4K video, has two great lenses and it can use an external microphone and it can play music and it can navigate me and I can communicate with others using it. Put a third lens into the mix (as Huawei have done with the Leica branded P20) and you have something that literally slips into your pocket, which completely negates the USP of this new Sony. So, no... I wouldn't pay $1200 for one. I'd love one, but not for that money.
  10. This guy has the weirdest accent I think I have ever heard and his video production isn't the best, but he goes through this product shot and how he set it up quite nicely. The link starts at 0:42 to cut out all his waffle about Squarespace (who's service I don't recommend to any sensible person).
  11. I just came across this chap this morning and I agree with all 7 of the tips that he puts forward in the video. I hope you enjoy it too.
  12. Dallas

    Sony RX100VI

    iPhonedo (Faruk) does a tongue in cheek review of the new Sony 1" sensor flagship. And meets pretty YouTube girls with the same camera.
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