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This club is for the users of Lightroom Classic. Please feel free to join the club and participate in the discussions. We share tips and tricks here!

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  2. Thank you, Noct, for detailed info on LR. That helps a lot!
  3. Thanks for that info, Eddie. I need to do a bit more digging on this Lr Mobile product so this is very helpful.
  4. My 11" iPad has 256GB storage, more than enough for a trip / session. The limit is the amount of Adobe cloud storage, 20GB standard. One of the nicest things of Lightroom Classic is that it can import photos automatically to a location / folder that has a name made out automatically of the creation date (year, month, day) of the photo to be imported. You can chose exactly how the name is made up. I set it up so that photos that I make today will automatically import to \<My photo disk name>\Pictures\2019\December. And the import can check automatically for duplicates, so when I import from a card that has photos that are already imported, they will not be imported again. Super convenient, my photo archive is always organised, and there are not many other tools available that can do this... Lightroom Classic syncing with cloud can be setup exactly the same way, so photos synced from the Adobe cloud can be imported at the same location as for direct import. So, now with the new direct import to Lightroom for iPad (which has a progress bar) I can selectively import interesting photos form my cards to my iPad, and view and edit them. No need to take a laptop with me. At home, I can just import all the photos from the cards in the old way, but photos edited on the iPad will sync additionally from the cloud with the edits in place. After the photos are backupped on a drive that is taken offsite, only then I will erase all the pictures on the cards and on the iPad. This will never erase synced photos on the home drive.
  5. Thank you very much, Dallas! Given the relatively limited onboard storage size of iPad, I would doubt if LR for iOS would create its own catalog.
  6. I don't think it actually uses a catalog, Akira. If my admittedly limited understanding of it is right it just stores your images in the Adobe Cloud. I will check this out and include in my article.
  7. How does the catalog system of LR for iOS work? I have been subscribing Adobe CC photographer plan for some years but have avoided LR because of it clumsy catalog system (I've never in need of that). If LR for iOS would work without making multiple files for the catalog system and could be used just like ACR, I'd like to install LR on my 3rd gen. iPad Air.
  8. On my recent holiday to Cape Town I took an iPad Pro 11” instead of my laptop and using a dock connected to an external HDD I was able to transfer all my images from my SD cards to the HDD. The only downside to this is that when you are doing a Card dump you don’t see any progress indicators like you do in MacOS, so it can be a little bit tricky to manage. I did do some editing on the fly with Lightroom for iPad but I realised soon that without a good internet connection you’re not going to get too far. The first Airbnb we stayed in had no internet at all (a small factor I had not taken note of when booking the place), so I wasn’t about to burn out all my mobile data on this importing process. When we moved to the second place we had fibre but it was restricted to a very slow 1Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download, so when I was trying to upload it would affect the bitrate of the streaming to Netflix, so I stopped it. I have to look at this whole process again and will write an article about my experiences for FZ.
  9. The latest version of Lightroom for iPad, in combination with iOS 13, makes it possible to import photos from a memory card (or connected camera) directly; without the hassle of going through the camera roll first. All over sudden the iPad is now a much more practical and viable backup and editing device for travel, without having to bring a laptop. And with the right settings in Lightroom Classic, photos will automatically transfer to Lightroom Classic when arriving home again. Nifty!
  10. My woes with Adobe's servers continue. It took hours and hours to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom Classic using their desktop app. I had to let it run overnight. I am certain that this is not normal and certainly not something that has anything to do with my computer setup. I have no issues with download speeds on any other services, except occasionally for YouTube. I normally get download speeds between 20-30Mbps using an LTE-A service I have had for a couple of years. Weird. I am now also convinced that this slow server connection is the reason it sometimes takes several minutes for me to open Lr. Anyway, there are a few new features that are interesting to me. Multi Batch Export is a feature that lets you export your images in a variety of ways at the same time using presets. For instance, I often supply clients with two different resolutions of images, one for the web and the other for print. I used to have to run these presets consecutively, but now I can do them simultaneously, which is great. It will save me some time. Another good thing about this feature is that I can use it to upload both web res watermarked and plain high res versions to Flickr for storage. The unwatermarked ones I keep private, but the web ones I make public. Another welcome change is the ability to Clear History Above A Certain Step. Often I'll want to go back to a point of an edit and work on from there without carrying what I have done after that point in the catalog. Being able to clear this without having to undo step-by-step is nice. Fill Edges Of Panorama. This is something I will probably try out when I am on holiday in Cape Town in a couple of weeks time. Apparently Lightroom will now use Content Aware to fill those white spaces you usually see when you are creating a panorama from multiple shots.
  11. Ok, now I see. Never been a fan of Adobe myself. I put off the move from Aperture to Lightroom for as long as I good just because I knew how sorry their code was and how poor the performance of their products. Im always on the look out for a replacement. Nothing so far, but the competitors are coming on strong.
  12. No, this is a server issue with Adobe. It's been ongoing for years and I believe it's geographic in nature. They seem to be routing traffic to Africa and other places via some obscure network nodes which makes the subscription checking process ridiculously slow. Prior to this new version I could close that app and open Lightroom/Pshop without to much delay, but now it's made it unbearable. I think it took about 7-8 minutes for me to switch to a different catalog this morning to find that aeroplane shot. All caused by the desktop app taking its sweet time in allowing Lr to actually work. Also, it can take several hours for a small update to filter through here. Can't blame my network connection as I am able to stream 4K TV and get decent speeds everywhere. Except Adobe.
  13. Not seeing any issues with mine either Dallas. Actually opening and closing both Lightroom and Photoshop is a little quicker. Issues with the graphics processor setting maybe?
  14. Try putting the icons in the dock and open from there! I’m not seeing anything like this behaviour,
  15. I don't know what these people at Adobe are doing but ever since this latest update to their Desktop App trying to open Lightroom or Photoshop is like going through the worst kind of security control at an airport. Frikking ridiculous! It's taking me several minutes to open Lightroom now. And to make matters worse you can't stop this idiotic program as I have been able to do in the past (which speeds up program loading). No, now it refuses to quit and if it isn't open when you try to load an Adobe app it will not run until you sign in. I can imagine some bespectacled hipster "executive" has issued this BS decree at their company without feint regard for the impact it has on paying customers. Enfuriating! *@%$#! 😡
  16. Ya, but I want to be able to use the same local controls (2 finger drag on trackpad) that are available for HSL on selected areas. Don't see why that isn't possible. Right now if you make an HSL adjustment it applies it globally, which isn't ideal. Sometimes I want to desaturate a certain colour cast in one part of the frame, but then if I use the method described I end up desaturating the entire image of that colour.
  17. The saturation slider is operable Dallas and you can achieve all sorts of adjustments using the colour temperature and tint sliders.
  18. Now it's just Lightroom Classic. Makes sense finally. One thing that they are not introducing into Lr is the ability to do local colour adjustments via a mask. We can do everything else except change saturation, luminance and hue via a local adjustment brushed in, but if you want to tone down (say) blues in one part of the image only you can't. You have to do that via a colour selection tool which is very hidden and doesn't work as well. Pity.
  19. I just updated. There are some interesting new features, including the depth range selection tool and a simplified HDR-Pano process. Now you only have to select all your images and the tool will figure out what to make HDR of and then how to stitch them in one fell swoop.
  20. I use LR all the time but I still learnt something new from this video. Thanks for posting Dallas.
  21. Here's Nigel Danson again with some tips on how he uses Lightroom. Hope you enjoy!
  22. About 20% are HDR presents. Some are graduated presets.
  23. Thanks for the heads up, Dave. Are these HDR presets? As you say, Trey has some pretty wild leanings.
  24. . Yesterday I saw that Trey Ratcliffs LR Presets were on sale (over 200 of them in a bundle that normally sell for $89 USD were now on sale for $49). Well, I bought them with PayPal and stayed up LATE last night trying out each preset on the types of images that I typically shoot. I found that maybe about 50 of them were way too wild and crazy for my taste, but the rest were definite keepers. As with all presets, one can tweak the settings a bit to make a preset just right. I thought is was money well spent, and I'm sure to be using these presets frequently in the future.
  25. Monthly by direct debit, obviously Adobe picked up that my debit card was running out. Hence Adobe sent me an email requesting an update to my details!
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